Medical Imaging Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from our Medical Imaging job candidates, and answers to those questions.

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Medical Imaging Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my recruiter?
Soliant Health values all of our imaging technicians and we strive to build lasting relationships. We want you to feel like you have a special place within the Soliant family so your recruiter is there to serve as your guide, career counselor and friend. He or she will be there for you every step of the way whether you need help in decision making or career planning advice, we’re here for you!

How do I become a medical imaging technician with Soliant Health?
It’s so simple! Give us a call at 800.849.5502 or fill out an online application. Once we find out what you’re looking for in your next assignment we can start finding jobs that fit your needs.

What are the current requirements for medical imaging technicians?
In order to work as a traveler for Soliant Health you must a valid license in the your professional discipline, current physical and vaccination documentation, a current BCLS (CPR) card, recent clinical experience, and outstanding medical employment recommendations.

How long is the typical travel assignment?
A travel imaging assignment can last as long as 13 weeks or as little as four weeks. Sometimes exceptions are made depending on facility or hospitals needs.

Once I have accepted a travel assignment, what happens next?
Once you have accepted an assignment, your recruiter will confirm your unit, shift, salary, and start date. Because we want to get you into your new assignment as soon as possible, we have travel coordinators who make all your housing and travel arrangements well before your start date. We will be sure to send you all the necessary information so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Where does Soliant Health place medical imaging technicians?
We have assignments available from the beaches of sunny California to the beautifully calm landscapes of Maine in both small cities and large metroplexes.

Do I need a license for each state?
The majority of states within the U.S. require a license if you are a x-ray, CT, MRI, or nuclear medicine tech. On the other hand if you are accepting an assignment as an ultrasound, vascular or echo sonographer then you most likely will not need a license.

How much money will I make with Soliant Health?
Your pay rate will depend on your specialty, location, facility type and experience level .

How will I be paid?
Since Soliant pays you every Friday during your assignment, you have the option to receive a check or you can have it deposited directly into your bank account. We leave that choice up to you!

How are taxes handled?
Your recruiter can tell you more about how this works but as your employer Soliant withholds taxes for you so you won’t have to worry about self-employment tax. At the end of the year you will receive a W-2 from every state you worked in.

What happens once my medical imaging technician assignment is complete?
You have a couple of different choices. If your facility asks you to continue your assignment and you agree, you can stay there. If you would prefer to change locations or facilities or even find a permanent position just ask your recruiter. We’ll work with you on whatever you decide.

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