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Why Use a Locum Tenens Company?

Use of a locum tenens company is an increasingly popular option for both medical personnel and medical care facilities. Contracting provides reliable income and benefits for physicians even in a volatile marketplace. Just as importantly, a locum tenens company provides medical facilities with carefully screened, qualified personnel replacements when they need it most, to ensure service continuity for patients.

For any medical facility, nothing is more important than being fully staffed by competent, caring professionals. Locum tenens physicians can fill the gap for a number of common situations:

  • To fill in interim while searching for a permanent physician.
  • For continuing coverage during staff vacations or leaves of absence.
  • To respond to greater need during area disasters or seasonal population fluctuations.
  • Gap coverage for contract turnovers.

Regardless of reason, loss of medical personnel can disrupt the revenue stream and damage the reputation of a medical facility. Using a locum tenens company to fill temporary or long-term gaps helps keep the office running smoothly, keep the patients happy and healthy, and the revenue stream and referral relationships intact.

Using a Locum Tenens Company is Easy

Since locum tenens physicians are independent contractors, there are no administrative costs. Payroll, taxes, benefits, and malpractice insurance are included in the locum tenens fee and processed by Soliant. We do all the paperwork for you. You can rest assured that our physicians are licensed, insured, and fully qualified before they step through your door.

Additional Benefits

Clients who are seeking to hire a permanent staff doctor have the option to work with and observe locum tenens in action to find the right fit for the office and staff. Agreements with Soliant are non-exclusive and risk-free. You may work exclusively with us or simultaneously with other locum tenens companies to build your staff. There are no charges aside from contract hours when Soliant locum tenens physicians are working in your office.


While it is true that the hourly wage of a locum tenens can exceed the amount paid to full-time employees, once fringe benefits such as vacations, insurance coverage, CME, and taxes are factored in, the cost is comparable to average salary and considerations. When you consider how much revenue is lost when a key physician is not available for work, the cost-effective measure of hiring a locum tenens becomes far more obvious. You can also skip the expense and headaches associated with recruiting a replacement.

What to Expect in a Locum Tenens Company

  • Exemplary doctors – Soliant is well known in the industry for quality physician recruitment. We specialize in finding board certified physicians with great references, up-to-date certifications, and CME. Our physicians arrive ready to hit the ground running.
  • A great fit – We listen to you and find a physician whose skills and experience matches your specific needs.
  • Fast, professional service – We have the physicians to fill all of your needs, whether short or long term, specialty or general.

Working with Soliant as your locums tenens company to meet your staffing needs during personnel shortages allows you the opportunity to retain your patient base and service their needs without undue delays, and also encourages staff retention. One of the most common reasons for staff turnover is overwork due to short-staffing. You can avoid the cost of hiring and training new employees by filling critical positions with fully vetted and insured physicians supplied on your terms by Soliant.

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