Radiation Oncology Job Benefits

What makes a job a great job? Aside from meaningful, rewarding work as well as a great working environment, it takes a whole series of benefits. At Soliant Health, we provide the kinds of helpful rewards and perks our associates demand - from traditional benefits like insurance to more innovative ones, we think it’s a win-win proposition to give you all the tools you need for personal and professional growth.

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Radiation Oncology Job Benefits

As a radiation oncologist professional through Soliant Health, you’ll enjoy these and other benefits:

  • Competitive Pay: Let’s face it: Everybody should be paid what their skills and performance are worth. Soliant Health makes sure your salary is always highly competitive. Whether you’re full- or part-time, your pay rate will be the best it can possibly be, given your experience, certifications, location and other factors.
  • Superior Health Coverage: Everything you do at work is focused on patient health. But what about your own? And your family’s? At Soliant Health we provide top-notch health insurance for our employees, associates and their families. And while many staffing companies provide lower coverage for associates, we think you should have the same great health insurance options as our employee staff members.
  • Retirement Savings Plan: Experts agree: there’s no better way to save for retirement than with a 401(k) plan. At Soliant Health, we encourage retirement savings by making it easy to arrange deductions. You’ll receive matching contributions from the company, as well as an assortment of safe, profitable investment choices to help your nest egg grow.
  • Weekly Paychecks: Budgeting is not fun, especially when you have to go for long stretches of time between paychecks. At Soliant Health you don’t. Instead of making you wait as long as a month before getting paid, we pay our radiation oncologists on a weekly basis. Every Friday you can expect to be fully paid—with either a paper check or through direct deposit.
  • Private Housing. As a travel radiation oncology professional you have better things to do than spend time searching for a place to live in each city you move to. And you have better things to do with your money than plunk down rent deposits everywhere you go. You just want a place to live that’s secure, comfortable and private. Fair enough. Soliant Health provides housing, close to your work assignment in some of the nicest parts of town.
  • Paid Travel. If you have to travel to an out-of-town radiation oncology assignment, you won’t be on your own making travel arrangements to an unfamiliar city. At Soliant Health our travel specialists will arrange it all for you, so you have one less hassle to worry about.
  • Licensing Assistance. Keeping your licensure current in all the states you work is no easy task. Just keeping up with all the state requirements is a full-time job. With Soliant Health, we have staff professionals who work with you to help you navigate the licensing maze. So you can focus on what you do best.

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