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Respiratory Therapy Job Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my recruiter?
We, at Soliant Health, strive to build not only lasting relationships with our respiratory therapists but friendships as well. Your recruiter will become your Soliant resource for decision support, advice and career planning, and is always available for assistance.

How do I become a travel respiratory therapist with Soliant Health?
It’s simple. You can fill out an application online or give us a call. Either way, we’ll have you in your next job in no time!

What are the current requirements for travel respiratory therapists?
To be a travel respiratory therapist with Soliant Health you must have a valid license in respiratory therapy, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated vaccination and physical records, recent practical experience, and firm medical employment recommendations.

How long is the typical travel assignment?
Most travel assignments are between eight and 13 weeks but exceptions can be made depending on the hospital or facilities needs.

Once I have accepted a travel assignment, what happens next?
As a travel respiratory therapist once you have accepted an assignment, your Soliant point person will confirm your start date, shift, unit and salary. Because Soliant is a one-stop shop, we have travel coordinators who make sure you have all of your travel and lodging arrangements made ahead of your start date. We’ll notify you with all the information you will need so you will be equipped with all the information you need to start your assignment worry-free.

Where does Soliant Health place travel respiratory therapists?
Because we have positions in big cities and small towns in all different types of settings, we can place you almost anywhere you want to go!

Do I need a license for each state?
For the most part, the majority of states require a license and you must have your license before you start your job. Your recruiter will help you with the quick and painless state licensure process, and in some cases we’ll even assist with the costs!

Once I'm licensed as a travel respiratory therapist in one state, how long does it take to get licensed in another?
There in no standard protocol so each state follows their own guidelines. One state can turn your license around in one day while another takes several months. But, because we are here for you we’ll be sure to stay with you through the whole procedure.

How much money will I make with Soliant Health?
Just like any job, there are different pay scales depending on your specialty, experience, location and facility.

How will I be paid?
We will pay you on a weekly basis for as long as you are on an assignment. If you so choose, you can even sign up for direct deposit.

How are taxes handled?
Because we are your employer, we withhold your taxes for you. You will receive a W-2 from each state you worked in so you don’t have to be concerned about the self-employment tax. Just ask your recruiter and he or she can tell you more.

What happens once my travel respiratory therapist assignment is complete?
We can work with you to find you a permanent assignment or another travel assignment. If the facility asks you to extend your assignment, and you want to stay, you can continue for as long as you’d like.

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