Travel Laboratory Jobs

Soliant lets you choose from travel laboratory jobs throughout the U.S. One of the best things about working in a field that’s in demand, like medical laboratory work, is that you can often write your own ticket and nobody helps you do that better than Soliant. We can place you in travel medical lab jobs that let you explore a variety of locations while you do your job. We have travel laboratory jobs for histologists, cytologists, medical technologists and lab technicians.

As a Soliant travel laboratory professional, you can work in places where you have friends or family members, or places where you don’t know a soul. Spend summers working in the South and winters working up North. Soliant lets you choose from travel laboratory jobs throughout the U.S.

Travel Laboratory Duties

As a travel laboratory scientist, you can reap the benefits of having a solid career structure while also enjoying the benefits of traveling. Many traveling laboratory technicians will be asked to perform the same duties as permanent technicians. On a day-to-day basis, laboratory professionals will be required to collect samples of fluids, body tissue and other substances, in order to analyze in and come up with the proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Laboratory technicians must perform tests ordered by physicians and surgeons, as well as work together with other members of the laboratory team to establish good communication and come up with the proper solutions for treatment. You must expect to be asked to perform critical tests and make quick judgments that could determine the best course of health for a patient in need.

Travel Laboratory Education Requirements

A traveling laboratory technician must possess the same level of education and experience as a non-traveling laboratory tech, and must also possess strong teamwork qualities. An associate’s or bachelor’s degree in life sciences or a related field, with relevant healthcare experience are required. There are also several forms of certification that are required, as well. The state-level requirements may vary, but most lab technicians are required to have a license from the state as well as a certificate on the national level in order to be approved to perform laboratory duties. A good travel laboratory technician will also want to invest in malpractice insurance. Aside from the document requirements, you should have a knack for working with people, strong attention to detail, a high amount of physical dexterity and stamina, and the ability to think critically under stressful situations.

Travel Laboratory Job Market

The average traveling laboratory technician can change depending on the geographic location, experience of the individual, and the type of facility that’s hiring. Many traveling lab technicians report that their salary is higher than the national average, landing at about $27 an hour with a salary of $58,000 per year. There is always a demand for traveling technicians, and the current market makes it a great time to invest in this career.

26 jobs found

Medical Technologist travel opportunity in Gravette, Arkansas

Gravette, Arkansas
A Soliant client in Gravette, Arkansas are looking to bring on an MT/MLT to join their team in the laboratory. This outstanding client is located near Fayetteville. The job qualifications and details are below. Qualifications: MT or MLT ASCP or AMT Generalist   COVID 19 v...
Contract 4 days ago

Traveling Medical Technologist Job in Lake Village, AR

Lake Village, Arkansas
There is an open position in Lake Village, AR for a traveling Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technician. Lake Village is a peaceful city adjacent to it's lake. This is a travel assignment that needs to be filled ASAP. Job Overview Shift: Multi Shift Start: ASAP...
Contract 6 days ago

MT/MLT Travel Job in Rogers, AR

Rogers, Arkansas
Rogers, Arkansas needs an experienced MT/MLT. Rogers is a quiet, rural city located not too far away from Tulsa. Travelers/Generalists needed to fill this position.   Candidates, please email [email protected] your updated resume (with 2 professional supervisor references),...
Contract 6 days ago

Job for a Traveling Medical Technologist in Gravette, AR

Gravette, Arkansas
Arkansas is in urgent need of an MT. Gravette is a beautiful rural town located on the border of both Missouri and Oklahoma. Experienced travelers are preferred for this assignment. Generalist experience is needed.   Serious candidates, please email [email protected] your r...
Contract 6 days ago

Medical Technologist Travel Job in Mena, AR

Mena, Arkansas
There is an opening for a MT in Mena, AR. Mena is a rural city located on the Oklahoma border. Travelers/Generalists needed to fill this role.    Please send [email protected] your updated resume (with 2 professional supervisor references), your ASCP, as well as any vaccina...
Contract 6 days ago

Travel Medical Technologist Job in Gravette, Arkansas

Gravette, Arkansas
Soliant Health is currently searching for a Travel Medical Technologist or Medical Laboratory Technician to fill a contract role. The position is located in one of our accredited facilities in the city of Gravette, AR! Check out the job description below to see if this is the role for you!...
Contract 6 days ago

Medical Technologist Travel Contract in Lake VIllage, AR

Lake Village, Arkansas
Soliant is working with a Lake Village, AR hospital to fill an open travel MT/MLT position.  Lake Village is home to Arkansas's largest natural lake and the largest oxbow lake in North America!  If you are interested in moving to new places, and you have lab experience, then this is th...
Contract 6 days ago

Travel Medical Technologist Job in Gravette, AR

Gravette, Arkansas
Travel Medical Technologist Job in Gravette, AR Soliant is hiring a travel Medical Technologist for a medical facility in Gravette, AR. Gravette is in Northwest Arkansas and is proud to be known as independent and family friendly. What We are Looking For: Shift: Days or Nights Hours: 3 12-Hours ...
Contract 6 days ago

Medical Lab Technician Travel Job Gravette, Arkansas

Gravette, Arkansas
Are you in the market for a new or even your first travel assignment? Soliant Health has multiple needs for someone interested in a 13-week contract in Gravette, Arkansas. This contract is for a Medical Technologist or Medical Lab Technician. Job Overview: Shift: Nights (3x12's) (Fri-Sun) Req...
Contract 6 days ago

NEW OPENING: A Facility in Gravette AR is in Need of a Traveling Medical Technologist or MLT

Gravette, Arkansas
Gravette strives to be known in Northwest Arkansas as a place that is uniquely independent and exceptionally family friendly. Through master planning initiatives, creative partnerships, and professional management of resources, Gravette seeks to be a model community. Shift Details:  36 hour...
Travel 6 days ago

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