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7 Ways to Enjoy Your Workday

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Work can become a tedious practice. Daily tasks can make it hard to find joy in your workday. Finding ways to make your workday more enjoyable is important to job satisfaction as well as creating a more positive office environment. Start creating opportunities for yourself and your coworkers to bring a little fun to the workplace and boost morale for everyone. Here are a few easy ideas to help you get started.

Organize an Office Potluck

Nothing brings a smile to people’s faces like some delicious food. Set specific days each month or week for an office potluck. Use festive themes like cultural favorites, holiday dishes, or all-appetizers day to keep things exciting. Invite everyone to bring a favorite dish to share with the rest of your coworkers and enjoy a delicious feast.

Plan Birthday Surprises

Learn the birthdays of everyone in your office or on your floor. Decorate their workspace, desk, or the break room on their birthday. Have everyone chip in for a small gift or flowers. Pass a card around the office for everyone to share birthday greetings. Bring in a special treat or plan a fun lunch for the person celebrating. To make things more interesting, take turns organizing birthday celebrations. Any easy way to rotate is by having the last person with a birthday take charge of the next celebration.

Get Outside When You Can

When weather and resources allow, get outside during lunch or break time for a breath of fresh air and to soak up some necessary vitamin D.  A quick walk around the block or simply sitting out on the curb in the sun can bring a smile to your face and help you recharge before carrying on with your daily tasks.

Spice Things Up with Music

Some great, upbeat music can bring a positive attitude to any setting. Get permission to play some carefully selected and management approved music at the nurses’ station or in the waiting room to help everyone relax and be more productive. If this is not allowed, pop in some earbuds during your lunch break to help you prepare for the next phase of your day.

Decorate your Workspace

Fresh flowers, pretty houseplants, and seasonal decorations can make your office space feel more festive. Holiday trees or twinkling lights not only will help create a better environment for you but could also help your patients set the mood for the season.

Show Appreciation

Make saying “thank you” a daily occurrence. Whether someone has gone out of the way for you or if you’re simply acknowledging the hard work your coworkers put in every day, showing appreciation will create a much more enjoyable environment and encourage everyone to work just a little harder.

Start an Office Bulletin Board

While you may have a bulletin board for assignments, updates, and important work announcements, create a fun bulletin board for personal photos and other positive items. Everyone can share pictures of their families, favorite shots from the last office happy hour, or post kudos and compliments from patients. It will bring a smile to your day and allow you to get to know your coworkers a little better.

There are countless ways to bring a little fun to your workday. What are some of the ways that you beat the drudgery of the office to create a better environment for everyone? We encourage you to share with us in the comments below.


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Contributor Lesley Slaughter

Lesley is currently a vice president with Soliant and oversees the schools' division. Her 14 years of staffing experience has helped grow our schools' therapy division at Soliant from 3 recruiters to over 100. Lesley is skilled in permanent placement, technical recruiting, and staffing services within public and private schools. She has worked with school districts and school professionals across the country, supporting special education, speech therapy, school psychology, and much more. She’s originally from Northwest Georgia, holds a Bachelor of Art’s in Broadcasting from Georgia Southern University, and loves spending time with her husband and 2 daughters. Make sure to check out the rest of her blogs on working in schools.