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Exciting Career Moves for Nurses

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Finding an exciting, fast-paced career is important for many people. Nursing often provides the adrenaline rush that fuels these personality types, allowing them to handle life-or-death situations and intense problem-solving challenges. Sometimes, however, your typical nursing assignment just isn’t quite enough for the die-hard adrenaline junkie. If you’re looking for an exciting change in your career, nursing specialties like these can keep your heart pounding and your mind constantly challenged.

Flight Nursing

Flight nurses have one of the most exciting and adrenaline packed jobs in the industry. They are constantly hands-on with some of the most critical, sick patients and face life-and-death situations from thousands of feet in the air. Often, they are faced with trauma victims who have not been fully stabilized and need very urgent critical care. In the military, flight nurses who are deployed to war zones may be required to treat patients who were injured on the battlefield. They may have to travel into very volatile situations for an even higher level of stress.

Trauma Nursing

Nurses who work within trauma facilities are regularly faced with highly urgent situations and unstable patients who need immediate, intense care. Those who choose this line of work must have strong critical thinking skills and deal well with a lightning fast, high-pressure environment. They must also be prepared to deal with the loss of patients, as many who come into trauma centers are beyond medical help. Often those on trauma teams have little contact with patients beyond their initial treatment. Those who want to see beginning to end care may want to choose another specialty.

Emergency Room Nursing

A day in the life of an ER nurse offers a great variety of patient care opportunities. They will see more mundane cases like severe colds one minute, then the next they will be tasked with helping to stabilize a gunshot victim. Those who enjoy a taste of adrenaline in their day, but also want some variety might enjoy a career in the emergency room.

Intensive/Critical Care Nursing

Intensive and Critical Care Unit Nurses see some of the sickest patients within a hospital, but do not have to deal with their initial care and treatment. There are status changes throughout their daily shift, but they can also get to know their patients on a more personal level. For those who want to develop personal relationships with patients, but still have the excitement of critical situations, intensive and critical care departments are a great career choice.

There are many different options for those who want an adrenaline-fueled career track in nursing. Take a look at the options available. It’s possible to make a career move allowing you to break free from the mundane and enjoy the fast pace that you have been craving.

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