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Registered Nurse: The Most In-Demand Job in the US

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Demand for registered nurses has been at a steady incline over the past 18 months, making it the most in-demand job in the US, according to a study conducted by Wanted Analytics. It also found that there are more than 288,000 jobs available online for RNs alone.

Cities With Highest Demand for RNs

With lower demand from employers and larger talent pools, Spartanburg (SC) and Beaumont-Port (TX) represent some of the best places to look for RN jobs this year (Source: Wanted Analytics).

  1. Spartanburg, SC
  2. Beaumont-Port Arthur, TX
  3. Evansville, IN
  4. Shreveport-Bossier City, LA
  5. Canton-Massillon, OH
  6. Naples-Marco Island, FL
  7. Green Bay, WI
  8. Charleston, WV
  9. Lynchburg, VA
  10. Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL

On the other hand, places with higher demand from employers are finding it more difficult to source nursing talent, as competition tends to be high when the talent pool is relatively small. Here is a list of cities where hiring demand is not so rapidly increasing (Source: Wanted Analytics):

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Medford, OR
  3. Anchorage, AK
  4. Bremerton-Silverdale, WA
  5. Myrtle Beach, SC

Most In-Demand RN Skills

Just what types of skills and knowledge  do employers look for in RNs that make them so highly in-demand? Below is a list of the top 5 skills that employers are looking for in nursing candidates (Source: Wanted Analytics):

  1. Emergency Room
  2. Process Improvement
  3. Quality Assurance (QA)
  4. Behavioral Health
  5. Patient Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Highest-Paying State for RNs

In terms of salary, the top 10 cities in America that offer the highest-paying nursing RN salaries are located in California, making it the top-paying state in the country for RNs. In the Vallejo-Fairfield metro area, RN salaries average around $119,000 with a cost of living of only $71,000.¹


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