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Six Important Questions to Ask in Nursing Interviews

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Interviewing for a new position within a new company can be a nerve wracking experience. Even if you’re going in knowing that you are a great fit for the position, it can sometimes be intimidating and you may walk away from the interview without finding out crucial information that will help you to determine if the company is a great fit for you. It’s important to make a list of questions that can help you decide if you’ll be happy in your new position, should you receive a job offer. Here are a few suggestions that can help you get started.

  • What is your staff to patient ratio? Ensuring that your daily responsibilities are within a manageable range is important to making sure that you will be satisfied in your new position. Understanding this from the beginning can prevent burnout from feeling overwhelmed and overworked.
  • What is your policy when a floor/unit/office is understaffed? Find out what to expect when you or a co-worker is out for an illness or emergency. Will you need to find someone to cover your shift? Are you responsible for picking up the duties of those who are absent?
  • How long have most of the nurses on this unit/office been with the facility? A high rate of turnover may be a big red flag. Finding out more about the current staff and why others may have left the position can be a big help in determining whether a job is right for you.
  • How often are performance reviews held and what are the criteria of the assessment? Understanding what you will be assessed on, how often, and how that factors in to salary increases is great information to have when making decisions about accepting a job offer.
  • What are some of the biggest challenges that this location is dealing with currently? Knowing about issues before you begin orientation is critical. Are they understaffed? Is there an equipment shortage? How are these things being handled and where would you fall into this equation? You may also be able to share ideas that could help them to overcome these issues.
  • Why should I want to work here? While many people are more concerned with convincing a potential employer that they want to hire them, having them sell the position to you is just as important. Accepting a new job is a huge, life-changing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is just as important that you want to be a part of the company as it is for them to want to hire you.

You may also want to ask about pay schedules, PTO and leave policies, additional benefits that employees may be able to take advantage of, or other questions that could factor in to your final decision to accept, once you have been offered a position.  Making sure that your new employer will live up to your expectations is just as important and them determining whether you will fit their needs.

Contributor Ron Washburn

Ron is currently the executive vice president of Soliant and has been with the company for more than 28 years now. He oversees our nursing and allied health division and has been with Soliant since its small beginnings in the early 90s. He’s an integral part of our organization, and not only hosts trainings for our groups but manages company events and continues to run a desk of clients and candidates. He is experienced in contract placement, recruiting, permanent placement and internet recruiting within the healthcare industry. Ron possesses a Master's degree focused on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from Georgia State University. Don’t forget to check out the rest of his blogs!