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5 Spooktacular Halloween Activity Ideas for SLPs

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The fall season offers many opportunities for themed therapy activities. From the drop in  temperature to the changing leaves, to Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations, it’s no surprise that SLP resources for the fall season are abundant on the web.

Halloween activities are especially exciting for students at this time of year because of the animated nature of this holiday. Below you will find some of the best Halloween activity ideas for making your speech therapy sessions even more spooktacular:


1. Spider Web Fun by Playing With Words 365 — This Halloween activity combines gross motor skills learning with speech and language learning. Simply stick a piece of tape on the floor for every time your kids pronounce a word correctly until an entire spider web is completed.  Then you can also scatter a few picture cards all over the web and ask kids to pick  them up and pronounce the words for a prize. Katie of Playing With Words 365 blog reports achieving 150 correct productions after just 12 minutes spent building the web!

2. Lollipop Antonyms / Candy Corn Synonyms by Crazy Speech World — A game involving candy? Yes! Simply print out these activity sheets, cut out the candies, and lay them out on the table. The object of the game is to match antonyms and to match synonyms. The synonym activity is a little more in-depth, but you can be simplified by cutting down the word list from three to two. For outstanding efforts, you can also give away real lollipops or candy corn as rewards.

3. Make Me: Spooky Story Dice by The Land of Me — This non-competitive Halloween activity encourages kids to create and share stories based on the pre-written or pre-drawn scenes on each side of the dice. Let their imagination run free! This is a free activity so simply go to the post and print out the dice patterns on festive paper.

4. Artic Candy Corn by Let’s Talk Speech-Language Pathology — Each of the three sections of a candy corn piece will contain one to three words containing phonemes. After cutting up the three levels, ask students to pronounce the phonemes and the accompanying word, phrase or sentence. Candy corns pronounced correctly can go into a “Trick-or-Treat” bucket and you can set rewards based on the number of candy corns students earn.

5. Monster Comparison by Bright Ideas SLP — This activity is appropriate even for schools that do not observe Halloween. One worksheet asks kids to compare and contrast the characteristics of two monsters on their cards. Another consists of 123 cards arranged by prevocalic r, vocalic r and r blends. This 42-page monster unit is jam-packed with activity ideas!

Between dressing up in costume and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, it’s good to know that Halloween can also bring learning opportunities to the classroom.  Have you come across other spooktacular Halloween-themed speech therapy ideas? Share them below!

Contributor Tera Rowland

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