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Tech Can Make Healthcare More Efficient

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Technology has taken over the vast majority of our daily tasks.  From ordering our coffee before we get to the counter to researching all of our major purchases from the comfort of our home, nearly everything we want or need to do is available through the swipe of a phone screen or the stroke of a few keys on a laptop. This is certainly the trend in healthcare professions, as well, with many tasks made faster and easier through the latest technological advances. Here are a few ways that you can embrace technology and create a more efficient environment for healthcare providers and their patients.

Easier research

Many healthcare professionals cringe to find out that their patients have been using the internet to research their symptoms, and with just cause. However, for those in the medical profession, internet searches can help to spark ideas when facing a tough diagnosis, to find treatment suggestions for patients with challenges, or to find out the latest developments within their field. Any information you need is out there.


While patient confidentiality is crucial to maintain, anonymously sharing details of a case with a forum or group of professionals for help with brainstorming can lead to faster diagnoses and less trial and error. Other healthcare workers can share their experiences that could lead you to the answers you need with far less work and wasted time.

Tracking patient health issues

Phone apps allow patients to keep a record of things like body temperature, frequency of symptoms, food diaries, and other important information that can be used in diagnosis and treatment plans. Additionally, fitness bands that track heart rate, sleep, and other physical statistics can prove to be a great asset in monitoring patients.

Avoiding conflict in treatments

The ease of communication available with current technology can make it simpler to stay in contact with your patients’ other caregivers and compare courses of treatment and medications, to ensure that there are no conflicts in strategy or dangerous interactions between drugs.

Streamlining paperwork

Tasks that once took up valuable office hours can be done in a matter of minutes. Using the internet to send insurance claims, submit referrals and records to specialists, send prescriptions to pharmacies, and other menial tasks can reduce the time that it takes to get a patient the care that they need and make your day a little less stressful, as well.

Following healthcare trends

With new technological advances and scientific discoveries nearly every day, it can be hard to stay on top of the latest. Subscriptions to medical journals and other publications that are delivered right to your inbox can help ensure that you are up to date on the most recent and accurate information in your field.

While we’re not quite the Jetsons, our society is well on its way. By embracing the many things that technology brings to the table as a healthcare provider, you can ensure that your patients are receiving the fast and efficient care that they deserve while making your own job a little simpler.

Contributor Patrick Dotts

Patrick, who’s grown with Soliant over the past 8 years, was promoted to the managing director of the healthcare division in January of 2018. Before that, Patrick was the division director for Soliant’s nursing and allied health division. Patrick has worked very closely with not only hospitals and other healthcare facilities but also the healthcare professionals that make up their workforce. This experience has given Patrick a unique insight into the ins and outs of the medical field, especially regarding its workforce. Before Soliant, he graduated from Bowling Green University and cherishes his free time with his wife, daughter, and son. Make sure to read more of Patrick’s other blogs on nursing and allied health.