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Traveler Spotlight: EP Lab Nurse Kristen

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When one of our nurses is featured in a major publication, we feel even more confident that we have the best healthcare professionals on our team! Kristen, who works in an electrophysiology lab in Syracuse, NY, stood out in her workplace so much that she was interviewed for an article for EP Lab Digest last week. Kristen has over five years of experience as a nurse, and has practiced in 4 different hospitals and states. 

According to an experienced EP doctor, electrophysiology (or “EP” as doctors and nurses call it, for short) is a “branch of cardiology that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disorders.” In essence, Kristen is helping doctors treat disorders related to one of the most important organs in the human body – the heart! Her job is a very important one, and clearly requires a lot of prior knowledge, experience, and concentration to succeed.

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The article features Kristen’s journey in the nursing field, why and how she started traveling, differences between EP and other nursing specialties, what challenges she’s encountered during the process, and what has helped make it a positive experience (which includes a special mention of her Soliant recruiter – Steve Yang – also known as “Mr Cath Lab“). She even gives advice to nurses who are potentially interested in travel nursing and reveals the qualities nurses should have to succeed on travel assignments.

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Read the full article from EP Lap Digest here.

Interested in following Kristen’s footsteps? Find the EP travel opportunity that suits you best by clicking here and entering “electrophysiology” in the keyword search.