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Valley Children's Healthcare

Madera, CA


Originally founded in 1949, the hospital outgrew its current facility, during the 90’s the move to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Madera County dominated all the news coverage in our valley. Planning and building stretched over a decade, and in August 1998, the move to the new facility began. Today the continuation of the dream of five women has become a bright, beautiful reality in the form of a healthcare network dedicated exclusively to the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of children. Our passion to deliver high quality care in a safe and beautiful peaceful environment is what makes our “Castle on the Hill” beautiful. Valley Children’s Healthcare is located in the beautiful California Central Valley. It is surrounded with orchards filled with almonds, pistachios, olives, grapes, oranges, and more. The hospital is nestled on a hill; our young kids refer to the hospital as the “Castle on the Hill”. The beautiful architecture and interior of the hospital inspires the whole person in their healing journey through Clarity (Defining where you are), Discovery (Providing positive distractions), and Beauty (Access to nature and art). We wanted families to leave with a feeling of “being taken care of”. The hospital provides places and environments that create personal experiences for patients and family members to aid in their healing. The design concept “Experience our World” the world of Children’s, the world of wellness, the world around us is displayed throughout the hospital with the purpose to create a better healing and working environment. We have four zones; Sky, Earth, Water, and Land that gives the impression of moving from one distinct area to another through color, artwork, mosaics, and iconography. Each zone is boasting with their own fun filled theme that makes the patient feel at peace and promote healing through color, and art themes. The Grape Jellyfish Café has an aquarium theme, filled with sea life murals on the walls. The Earth zone includes the globe experience, a life-size tile globe on the floor that patients can explore, and also features the adventure path filled with interactive games, activities, and artwork. The exterior of the hospital displays several fun features, including animal shaped topiary’s at the entrance that resemble healing patients. Some have bandages with a quote, “I’m healing at Valley Children’s”. The Serenity Garden is a beautiful space for calming and healing with a water feature and luscious plants and trees. The facility also features peaceful courtyards and are visually appealing to the children. The facilities’ landscape displays many native trees and plants that make it inviting to walk and enjoy nature.