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Government Physician Jobs

As the largest employer in the U.S., the Federal Government hires over two percent of the nation’s workforce. With more than 175 VA hospitals, 250 outpatient clinics and hundreds of federal healthcare facilities, there is an abundant of government physician jobs available. Soliant Health can help you tap into this network.

We have government physician jobs in all sectors of the federal government, including VA hospitals, federal prison systems, Indian health facilities, military bases and other federal agencies. Whether you want a short or long-term physician job opportunity working in a federal or government facility, Soliant Health is the only name to call.

Government Physician Duties

A government physician plays a unique role in the advancement of healthcare and the treatment of patients across all types of communities. Physicians who work in federal facilities are responsible for helping to develop national health policies, helping patients in underserved and impoverished communities, responding to public health emergencies, working across a multidisciplinary field, leading others in a team, and performing general primary care services. Government physicians will be involved both with making policy and treating patients on an individual level. A good government physician is also required to have a creative mind, the ability to think critically and an aptitude for making compassionate decisions that will positively impact the most people.

Government Physician Education Requirements

A government physician is required to have a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathy degree from a recognized medical school. After that, a prospective government physician must participate in one year of supervised direct training in a clinical training; a one-year internship usually qualifies the individual for candidacy. The physician must then complete a residency program in their specialized field of medicine, as well as a fellowship program that allows the physician to perform research and further training. After completing the necessary steps, a government physician must then obtain full licensure from their state of practice, as well as a certificate to practice medicine from the national board.

Government Physician Job Market

Government physicians are paid well, and the current market predicts an increase in demand for physicians in this position. Since federal physicians often involve themselves with policymaking and public healthcare reform, the government is willing to increase pay. Primary care government physicians are some of the highest paid physicians in the market, making it an opportune field for any prospective physicians who are interested in healthcare and government health policies.

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