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Hospitalist Jobs

You’re in the country’s fastest-growing medical specialty, which means demand for your skills is strong and getting stronger. Soliant Health helps you capitalize on this demand and makes sure you receive the hospitalist job offer you’re entitled to, along with innovative benefits that enhance your working experience.

At Soliant, we have the hospitalist jobs you want. Since so many clients rely on us for staffing their physician needs, we have an inside track on hospitalist job openings across the country. No matter what experience you are seeking, our connections are here to help you succeed in every position. We’ll make sure you get the right offer, in the right facility, in the right location.

Hospitalist Duties

A hospitalist plays a key role in the care and recovery of hospitalized patients. As a general physician, hospitalists are responsible for patient care, team leadership, advanced research and other important hospital duties. On a day-to-day basis, the hospitalist will be required to diagnose, examine and treat hospitalized patients. They will also be asked to order tests and treatments, as well as consult with other hospital physicians to determine the best plan of care for each patient. When appropriate, the hospitalist will speak with specialty physicians to decide on a plan of action for patients with specialized needs. A professional hospitalist must know how to rely on their good judgment, critical thinking skills and fast decision-making abilities to successfully treat each patient and promote good health practices. Hospitalists will likely see patients inside and outside of the ER as well as in other hospital facilities.

Hospitalist Education Requirements

A hospitalist must have between 2 and 4 years of relevant physician experience, as well as an intimate familiarity with standard medical practices, care concepts and technical procedures in the general medical field. The hospitalist must also acquire a master’s degree or PhD in medicine or healthcare. A doctorate is required for a hospitalist to be considered on the job market. The hospitalist must also be state-licensed, board-licensed and have completed a medical residency. An ideal individual will also have a creative mind with the ability to solve complex issues and work together as a team to provide immediate care.

Hospitalist Job Market

Hospitalists are one of the highest-paid professionals in the medical field. Those who work in a non-teaching setting have seen a salary with an upward trend of 8.2% since 2012. Those who work in pediatric settings have seen a salary with an upward trend of 8.5% since 2012. Lastly, hospitalists who work in an academic setting have seen a salary that is up 6.1% since 2012. Depending on the hospital and geographic area, hospitalists have the potential to earn a great living salary with tremendous benefits. The job outlook of this position projects a high demand for hospitalists. Now is the time to apply!

As a physician in the discipline of hospitalist, you play a key role in reducing the length of hospital stays for your patients. Soliant Health has a program that lets you control your own stay at any given hospital. Search our hospitalist jobs today.

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