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Pediatrician Jobs

They may be small, but pediatric patients have a way of putting the pressure on. One thing you don’t need is more pressure. At Soliant, we have locum tenens and permanent pediatric physician jobs that take that pressure off and make it easy to have a great time while you gain valuable experience in your chosen field.

In addition, there’s a big need for pediatricians, and demand for your skills will increase even more over time. Are you taking full advantage of that demand? Soliant Health can help. As one of the largest healthcare staffing companies in the country, we have great-paying pediatric physician opportunities all over the country in hospitals and private offices, and everything in between.

Pediatrician Duties

As a doctor who primarily treats children and infants, a pediatrician plays a very important and critical role in child development. Pediatricians are responsible for providing generalized and specialized medical care for people ranging from newborns to adults. A pediatrician will be asked to diagnose, examine and treat children with a wide range of illnesses, injuries and more. One of the primary duties of a pediatrician is to administer immunizations and vaccinations to prevent children from contracting such diseases as polio, measles, hepatitis B, diphtheria and more. On a day-to-day basis, a pediatrician will perform routine check-ups on children of all ages. They are responsible for monitoring a child’s growth and recovery from illnesses and injuries, as well as providing education and information to parents about the best ways to keep their child healthy and strong. A pediatrician is expected to promote good hygiene, eating habits, exercise and more.

Pediatrician Education Requirements

Like most physicians, pediatricians are required to have a doctoral degree, becoming a Doctor of Medicine or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Once the doctoral program is complete – which typically takes four years after undergraduate work is complete – the prospective pediatrician must complete a residency training program at a licensed facility, where they will learn to care for children and perform a wide variety of pediatric duties. Pediatricians will gain hands-on experience with newborns, children in need of anesthetics, children with developmental disabilities and those in intensive care situations. Afterward, the pediatrician will compete all necessary certification and licensure exams which will grant them the ability to practice medicine.

Pediatrician Job Market

Pediatricians who work in private practices tend to earn slightly more than pediatricians who work in hospital settings, although the payment range can vary depending on the geographic location and place of hire. With the increase of school-aged children in the country, the job market is seeing an increase in demand for pediatricians. This makes it a great time to invest in this solid career.

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