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Radiologist Jobs

Radiologists know you often get only one chance to capture an image or administer a treatment. With Soliant, we treat your career the same way by taking only one chance to get to know you and goals in order to find you exceptional radiologist jobs.

Whether you want a locum tenens or permanent job, there is a huge demand for radiology physicians right now, and that demand is expected to grow in the years ahead. Soliant Health specializes in helping healthcare professionals capitalize on the high demand for their skills. As a leading nationally recognized staffing company, we have the resources and contacts to negotiate winning locum tenens and permanent radiologist positions for our associates, with a great salary and benefits, along with the flexibility you crave.

Radiologist Duties

A radiologist must have an aptitude for analyzing small details, solving complex problems, learning on the job and diagnosing serious illnesses. On a daily basis, the radiologist will be required to capture and analyze medical images through MRI or CAT scans, as well as other technological devices. X-rays, imaging scans, ultrasounds, mammograms and CT scans are included on the comprehensive list of images and scans that the radiologist will be required to read. They will also be asked to treat cancer patients using medical radiation, and must know exactly what dosage to apply in each situation. Radiologists typically perform their duties in imaging centers, diagnostic rooms, therapy clinics, hospitals and private practice locations. They must know how to administer treatments for oncology, nuclear medicine and other illnesses or diseases. In some cases, a radiologist will be asked to perform some of the same duties as a general physician, such as prescribing medicine and taking note of medical histories.

Radiologist Education Requirements

First, a prospective radiologist must complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program. An accredited school can grant a degree in radiology or a related field. Then, the radiologist will need to complete another four years at a graduate school to earn a doctorate in medicine or osteopathy. The individual must then complete a thorough internship, followed by at least four years of residency at a radiology training facility. If the radiologist decides to specialize in a sub-specialty of radiology, such as breast imaging or neuroradiology, another two-year fellowship program may be required.

Radiologist Job Market

Radiologists are in the high range of earnings for medical professionals. Fortunately, radiologists are in demand across the nation, with an outlook of 9% growth between now and the year 2022. Radiologists typically work in healthcare facilities and laboratories, so a decent familiarity in that environment is preferred. Radiologists with advanced degrees have the potential to earn higher wages.

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