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Telemedicine Jobs

We have immediate job opportunities for physicians in telemedicine nationwide. Treat non-acute patients, Create Your Own Schedule, Earn Extra Money and Work From Home with a Telemedicine Physician Job.

With telemedicine you're empowered to provide the best possible care to patients all across the country. As a part of our carefully selected elite team of Soliant telemedicine physicians, you'll be able to see current and new patients using live two-way video and phone.

  • Work from home
  • Create your own schedule
  • Be a part of cutting-edge telemedicine
  • Gain valuable training and experience in telemedicine
  • Earn additional income from $30,000-200,000 a year working part-time or full-time
  • Supplement to your current practice

If you're an experienced physician eager to take your career in a new direction or enhance your current career, telemedicine offers a new and dynamic opportunity for you.

Telemedicine Duties

A telemedicine professional is responsible for helping to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients from far away using communicative technology. This career path has grown over the past decade, rapidly changing the list of requirements and duties for the general telemedicine practitioner. The main goal of the telemedicine professional will be to use electronic communications and software to provide the best clinical and health services to patients from a distance. Telemedicine doctors do not require an in-person visit, as diagnoses and treatment recommendations can be made by using the advanced technology systems. Telemedicine doctors will be asked to give special consultations to patients who are in need of medication management, preventive care, chronic pain management techniques, follow-up visits after a procedure, mental health sessions and more. All clinical work is done using secure audio and video connections between the patient and the telemedicine health professional.

Telemedicine Education Requirements

Prospective telemedicine health professionals must acquire the same level of education as general practitioners or clinical doctors. After completing four years of undergraduate education, the practitioner must attend medical school for a master’s or doctorate degree in medicine. Then, the student must complete a training residency before passing the board and state certification tests that grant the licensure to practice medicine. Those who wish to specialize in telemedicine treatments must have access to the proper modes of technology. Typically, sessions are performed using a secure connection via Skype or other online chatting application. A telemedicine physician must be adept at communicating orally, providing the proper compassion and patience needed to diagnose and treat distant patients accurately. Telemedicine professionals can provide care 24 hours a day, so it’s best to have an established schedule as well.

Telemedicine Job Market

At most private medical practices, a telemedicine physician's salary rates continue to change and grow, as the area of telemedicine is still fairly new. There significant growth is projected in the area of telemedicine, as rural areas gain better Internet access and doctors become more familiar with the idea of long-distance patient care.

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