School Speech Language Pathology Jobs

At Soliant we work hard to match competent, caring school speech-language pathologists and speech-language pathology assistants like you with jobs where they can thrive as much as their students.

Communication is so important, and without dedicated, professional speech-language pathologists and assistants, a staggering number of children would have a much tougher time interacting with the worlds around them. Thanks to your patience and gentle persistence, more and more people function at levels considered impossible just a few generations ago.

School Speech Language Pathology Duties

Speech language pathologists in schools play a special role in the education and social development of students with speech-based disabilities. In order to promote effective outcomes, the school speech language pathologist is required to have the flexibility to work across all school levels, from pre-K to high school. They must also be experienced enough to serve a range of disorders, as notated in the ASHA federal regulations. School speech language pathologists are required to work with students that exhibit communication disorders involving speech, sound, articulation, language, voice and swallowing. The SLP professional will work with students and teachers to ensure that the social, academic and emotional needs of the student are met in a positive way. They can work to provide unique education plans for each individual student, addressing their needs and helping them communicate effectively. A school speech pathologist is required to have great language and literacy skills, as well as the ability to prevent academic failure, collaborate with the community, and perform interventions to the students and parents if need be.

School Speech Language Pathology Education Requirements

A school speech language pathologist must have both a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences as well as a master’s degree in audiology or speech-language pathology, as accredited by the CAA. After acquiring the necessary diplomas, prospective school speech language pathologists must complete 400 hours of supervised clinical experience, followed by one year of a clinical fellowship (CFY). This requires 36 weeks of full-time clinical practice and hands-on experience. Afterward, the individual must pass the Praxis exam to obtain the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology. Finally, they must have a teaching certificate, which qualifies them to teach in a school setting.

School Speech Language Pathology Job Market

The salaries for SLP professionals who work in schools is on the rise due to the demand of speech-language pathologists. Based on the individual’s location and the type of facility hiring, a school speech language pathologist can make a high-paying salary at some schools. Having a higher level of education also plays an important role in payment. The market is good for school speech language pathologists.

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Speech Language Pathologist Teletherapy Jobs

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