Doctors vs. Nurses: A Primary Healthcare Debate

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With the shortage of medical personnel growing, will the nurse practitioners (NPs) or physician assistants (PAs) replace the primary care physician in the future? This whitepaper examines the growing independence of nurses under a microscope.


How Nurses Help with the Doctor Shortage

The aging population and new federal regulations have disrupted our medical community. One space that has been particularly affected is the primary care segment. The doctor shortage is impacting communities across the nation. With the number of primary care doctors rapidly decreasing, many people are left suffering from common ailments. Our white paper focuses on how nurse practitioners and physician assistants may be able to help ease this burden.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Physician Assistant Compared to a Doctor?

Doctors require significantly more schooling than other healthcare professionals. This whitepaper touches on how long it takes to become a physician assistant. It also examines the amount of time and requirements it takes to become a registered nurse or nurse practitioner.

Scope of Practice of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners?

In today’s environment, the duties of physician assistants and nurse practitioners often parallel the duties of primary care doctors. When it comes to nurse practitioners independently delivering primary care and prescribing medications, the rules and regulations vary state-by-state. This white paper takes a closer look at state regulations and how they affect the “nurse practitioner vs. doctor” and “physician assistant vs. doctor” debates.

So, Should Nurses be Allowed to Operate as Doctors?

No answer will satisfy every stakeholder in this race, but the increasing need for more personnel in every facet of medical care is crystal clear. Fill out the brief form below to download our whitepaper on Doctors vs. Nurses: A Primary Healthcare Debate.