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Locum Tenens Physician Jobs

As one of the nation’s leading healthcare staffing companies, Soliant Health has the resources and contacts to place you in a locum tenens job that’s tailor-made for your unique professional circumstances in every region of the country.

We have locum tenens jobs for all your career stages

  • Recent Graduates. Whether you’re transitioning into your first work environment or you’re continuing your studies in a graduate program, Soliant’s locum tenens program helps you become a better physician. You’ll gain valuable experience in your chosen field, in the medical settings that are most relevant to your discipline. And with our national client base, we can place you into perfect locum tenens anywhere in the country. Work your way from one end of the country to the other, sampling the lifestyle and culture in each city while you build your skill base. Stay as little as a week in each location before moving on to the next.
  • Easing into semi-retirement. Your career doesn’t have to come to a stop just because you’re thinking of retiring. A locum tenens job with Soliant lets you shift gently into slow-down mode. Continue using all the skills, patience and maturity it took a lifetime to acquire, but do it at your own pace. We have the resources to find the perfect locum tenens jobs for you. In your hometown or someplace entirely new. On your own terms. With all you’ve accomplished, you’re entitled to a little self-indulgence.
  • Freedom to roam. No matter where you are in your career, you might prefer not to stay too long in one place. A locum tenens position from Soliant lets you pack up and go. We have immediate openings in your discipline, in every region of the country. See the left coast or the right, the mountains or the plains. Stay a week, a month, six months or a year. Soliant can take you where you want to go so you can experience, explore, discover and live. There’s no greater flexibility in medicine.
Locum Tenens Duties

Locum tenens physicians are responsible for filling in for other doctors or medical professionals on a short-term or temporary basis. These physicians are responsible for the primary duties that a permanent physician would be responsible for, as the locum tenens must fill in for whatever position needs filling. Each facility and job is different, but mainly, locum tenens physicians must know who they are working with, what medical tasks are assigned to them and how many patients they will be seeing before starting their first day on the job. Duties can range from clinic work to performing medical procedures, assisting in operations, organizing a patient’s medical records, ordering tests, performing diagnostic exams and overseeing other team members.

Locum Tenens Education Requirements

A locum tenens physician is required to have the same level of education and experience as a regular physician. This includes an undergraduate degree as well as a master’s or doctorate degree from medical school. Since a local tenens physician may be expected to perform all the same duties and tasks as a regular doctor, it is necessary for the locum tenens physician to have relevant experience in the field. Aside from the necessary diplomas, a locum tenens physician must also have the correct certificates and licensure for practice. They will need to obtain a certificate from the board as well as from their state that they wish to practice in. A locum tenens physician must have also completed a residency and an internship, as hands-on experience is one of the most crucial tenets of an experienced physician.

Locum Tenens Job Market

Payment for a locum tenens job is often very high and with pay varying by assignment and by location. Many locum tenens physicians are willing to travel in order to achieve the best assignments with the highest paying rates Over 53% of all medical respondents say that a locum tenens salary is one of the most desirable salaries in the medical field.

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