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Soliant's Top 20 Most Beautiful hospitals - 2024

A Beauty Contest That Goes Beyond Architecture

Did you know beautiful hospitals can help speed the healing process? As dedicated healthcare staffing professionals, we believe it is our duty to find the top 20 most beautiful hospitals across the U.S. We want to hear from you and learn what truly makes a hospital beautiful. Is it the people? The programs? The architecture? Help us find the heart behind the hospital for Soliant's 2024 Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals contest. Vote for a Hospital

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Our Best To Make You Better

Great results begin with a better foundation. As one of the nation's largest healthcare staffing companies, we genuinely appreciate the opportunity to match highly qualified professionals in the positions that make a difference daily. At Soliant, our experience and reach is second to none — which means your opportunity and potential are too.

Whether it's full-time or part-time, Soliant works all the time on your behalf. Pairing talented caregivers with the best hospitals and healthcare providers is something we take tremendous pride in. Here, our personal commitment to enhancing the experience of both providers and professionals is what has earned us the respect of our clients across the country.

Our disciplines include:

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Our Communities

With Soliant, you become part of something big. We believe that together, we’re better. For years, Soliant Health has invested in opportunities that close the gap between the number of healthcare professionals in the field and the increasing number of patients requiring care. We support medical schools to help increase enrollment, serve on medical planning boards and lobby for grassroots initiatives that positively impact the responsible growth of our industry.

Soliant fosters an environment of giving – of our time and resources – to the communities we serve. We do our part corporately by providing our healthcare professionals with unmatched career opportunities, compensation and personalized service that goes beyond job placement. Our healthcare professionals are then free to enrich the communities in which they live, volunteering or giving where their hearts lead them.

We’re a different kind of healthcare staffing agency. We build communities of care wherever we are – on the job and in the neighborhoods in which we live.

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Military Spouse Initiative: Empowering Careers Amid Mobility

Over 20% of military spouses are unemployed in the U.S. today. At Soliant, we understand the struggles of finding and securing a job as a military spouse or dependent. We are here to help you during your relocations and short assignments as you support your spouse’s call to serve. Learn more about how we can help you in your unique and honorable position. Read More


“I can’t think of a better organization to work for. The best thing is, while I’m doing my job, there are no other pressures.”

Tom Pharmacist in Maryland

“The idea of travel nursing couldn’t be more perfect. [My recruiter] Andy is someone I can trust to take care of me while on assignment.”

Christin PCU nurse in North Carolina

“In a perfect world, I would travel all the time. Even if you go back home, you’re going to still have a job wherever you go. Take the adventure – that’s the beauty of this profession.”

Lisa ER Nurse in Kentucky

“[My recruiter is] the nice guy you want in your corner. Matt was a good cheerleader, keeping me propped up during the experience.”

Donna Respiratory Therapist in Colorado

“Go for it. You’ll gain skills and insight that will benefit you for the rest of your career. Some assignments stand out for the facilities and some stand out for the friendships you gain.”

Hollie OR Nurse in Lubbock, TX

“[About travel nursing] Take the leap. Do it. For you will never know until you try. I am able to fulfill my dream of seeing all 50 states. I am able to get out of debt, help my family out and enjoy myself fully. Soliant and Wendy [my recruiter] make my life a dream come true.”

Celia OR Nurse in Tucson, AZ

“I can’t speak enough about Soliant. My recruiter Andy Millette is just absolutely wonderful. As a traveler, I can tell I am not merely a number. Whatever the company is doing keep doing it! It’s an amazing team to be a part of!”

Annie IR/ICU RN in Washington

“Andy [my recruiter] knows my goals for the future and sets up assignments that align with my goals. Soliant Health always has my back and my paychecks are always on time, which is a very important thing.”

Cynthia IR Nurse in Kansas City