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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common healthcare job questions before you take an assignment with Soliant.

General Questions

When you work with Soliant, your recruiter will take the time to get to know you and goals. By listening to your needs and your goals, we’re armed with the knowledge and insight we need to find the perfect position for you. We’ll also play an active role throughout the interview process. Our job is to screen opportunities for you and help you assess the pros and cons to every opportunity. When it comes time to negotiate an offer, there’s much to consider: your compensation, relocation, benefit package, scheduling and more. Your recruiter will negotiate these and other details on your behalf, so you come out with the best possible job offer.

Once you have accepted an assignment, your recruiter will confirm your start date, position details and salary. Moving for your new position? We’ve got you covered. We’ll provide you with a complete new-hire package via email or mail with confirmation numbers, times and dates. We’re so thankful you’ve decided to join our family and will do everything in our power to ensure you start your assignment worry-free.

Yes. Once you begin your assignment you may be eligible to receive benefits. Be sure to talk with an account executive to find out if your assignment is eligible.

Soliant Health offers one of the best benefit packages in the industry. Please speak to a recruiter to find out more.

In most cases yes, and you must be sure to be licensed before you begin your job assignment. Your recruiter will walk you through the state licensure process.

This varies with each assignment – it could take anywhere from one week to six weeks from the date you accept the position and your start date. On average, there is about a two week window.

Your pay rate depends on many variables, such as your specialty and experience level, location and preferences. We will work with you to create a custom compensation plan to ensure all your needs are met.

Our start dates are determined based on many factors such as:

  • Our customers needs
  • Your availability
  • Locations of the assignment

We will work with all parties to confirm a start date as soon as possible.

Assignment length may vary depending on whether you are looking for per diem work, full- or part-time opportunities or even for travel assignments. We have everything from day-to-day shifts, full-time schedules, travel assignments that may last up to 13 weeks or more. It is up to you!

Soliant has a weekly pay system, so you can expect a check each Friday during your assignment for the hours you worked the previous week. You also can take advantage of our direct deposit program at no cost to you, which eliminates trips to the bank.

As your employer, Soliant withholds your taxes based on the tax laws of each state you work in, so you don’t have to worry about self-employment tax. At the end of the year, you'll receive a W-2 from every state in which you worked. Your recruiter can tell you more about how this works.

With Soliant, you can travel almost anywhere in the country. We have positions all across the country in hospitals, rehab facilities, schools and medical centers. Find yours here.

If the client asks you to extend your assignment, and you want to stay, you can continue for as long as you’d like. Or, you can work with your recruiter to find a new travel, per diem or a permanent position.

All you need to do is fill out one of our online applications or call one of our recruiters at 800.849.5502. We’ll get you started in no time.

At Soliant, we work towards finding the perfect position for you on your terms in the location you want. We work with you to ensure you are taken care of during every step of the process: from our initial meeting with you to the interview to contract negotiations. We take great pride in the fact that we listen to your every request and strive to accommodate you in every way possible.

At Soliant, that’s the easy part! Just complete the brief online application and a Soliant account executive will contact you immediately to determine your availability, desired location, type of practice, remuneration and any other personal or professional needs. As soon as you accept an assignment, one of Soliant’s coordinators will book your transportation and housing. Depending on where your assignment is located, we will provide you with a rental car or reimburse your mileage.

No, Soliant works for you at no cost to assist in you in meeting your career goals.

Nursing Job Questions

Fill out an application online or call one of our recruiters at 800.849.5502 and we’ll get you going in no time. It’s that simple!

Requirements vary by the hospital and specialty unit you are assigned. The minimum requirements for traveling nurses include a valid nursing license, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated physical and vaccinations, recent clinical experience and medical employment references from managers.

At Soliant, most travel nurse assignments last between 13 and 17 weeks. Occasionally, depending on client needs, some exceptions are made, and a good nurse will be asked to extend their assignment.

In many cases, yes. We often try to place travel nurses within a certain radius of their homes. Of course all of this is contingent upon the facilities’ rules regarding travelers and the needs in your area.

Per diem nurses work full- or part-time temporary assignments usually scheduled a week at a time. As a per diem nurse, you are often placed on-call for last-minute coverage for nurses who are sick, or you may be placed on a short-term assignment for nurses on vacation or medical leave. Nurses enjoy per diem jobs because they can schedule their work week around their life.

Yes, and you must be licensed before you begin your assignment. Your recruiter will walk you through the state licensure process.

School Healthcare Questions

You’ll need a valid license in your school discipline and the states you want to work, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated physical and vaccinations, recent clinical experience in a school environment and solid employment references.

Most Soliant Health contract school assignments range from eight weeks to nine months.

Once you have accepted a school assignment, your recruiter will confirm your start date, school and salary. We will send you a package with all the information you need to start your school assignment.

Your start date will vary from one assignment to the next because it is all based on the needs of the school. Your start date can range anywhere between two to three weeks.

With Soliant, you can take a contract, temp-to-hire or permanent school position almost anywhere in the country. We have school jobs all across the United States.

Pharmacy Job Questions

The minimum requirements include a valid license in your professional discipline, recent experience in the practice setting that you wish to work, solid employment references and other customer specific requirements which may vary depending on position and setting.

Yes, a valid pharmacy license, in the state where you wish to work, is required in order to be eligible for employment with us. Opportunities may exist to obtain additional licensure if applicable to your assignment. Also, our federal opportunities may provide some licensure flexibility as well, so make sure to speak to your recruiter regarding your licensure status.

Physician Jobs Questions

Permanent Physicians

A physician recruiter can help you find your ideal job by tapping into network resources. We have access to positions nationwide and can find you immediate opportunities in most specialties. Some of the many benefits that we offer are:

  1. Greater exposure
  2. Confidential representation
  3. Career counseling
  4. Licensure facilitation
  5. Interview preparation
  6. Compensation plan negotiation
  7. Relocation assistance
  8. Transition follow-up
  9. No cost to physician

Soliant is committed to finding you a solid, lasting career. We take pride in developing and maintaining relationships with our candidates. Our personalized approach makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our recruiters will find out what you are looking for in as a physician and then will present you with a multitude of physician jobs that are never posted. We work closely with you to determine where you want to work and what type of environment you desire. We have long standing relationships with a variety of hospitals, facilities and healthcare organizations- who look to us to place the physician that will fit best within their organization.

Locum Tenens

As a locum tenens physician, your work benefits both healthcare organizations and you. At Soliant, we offer our locum tenens physicians exceptional remuneration, your choice of practice settings and the ability to make your own schedule.

Working as a locum tenens physician requires patience, good organizational skills and the ability to adapt to different environments. When deciding if locum tenens is right for you, there are several key things to consider.

  • Adaptability: As a locum tenens physician, you will be exposed to many new environments and hospital systems. By adapting to every new situation, you will be presented with greater opportunities to expand your career.
  • Autonomy: Working locum tenens requires a degree of independence. However, this independence can also be very rewarding. You will have the opportunity to control your own schedule, visit new locations, control your remuneration and focus on taking care of your patients.
  • Fulfillment: Many physicians who practice locum tenens find it to be a very rewarding career experience. You will have the opportunity to meet new contacts and treat a broader array of patient cases.
  • Length of Assignments: The length of your assignments are all based on your availability. We have assignments that range from five days to one year — it’s your decision.

Physicians can be contracted for any number of reasons:

  • Physician shortage
  • Vacation leave coverage
  • Need to temporarily improve the physician to patient ratio

As an independent contractor for Soliant, you will be paid weekly with the option to utilize direct deposit. We also provide comprehensive healthcare coverage and fully paid housing and transportation. In addition, we provide all Soliant physicians with medical liability insurance of $1,000,000 / $3,000,000, claim made policy and tail coverage.

Therapy Jobs Questions

You’ll need a valid license in your therapy discipline and the states you want to work, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated physical and vaccinations, recent clinical experience in a therapy environment and solid medical employment references.

Most Soliant Health travel therapy assignments range from eight weeks to nine months.

Every therapist working a full-time contract assignment will be eligible for benefits. Once the candidate takes a permanent job with the employer, they should be eligible for benefits from their new employer.

Advanced Practice Jobs Questions

The minimum requirements include a valid license in your discipline for the states where you practice, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated physical and vaccinations, recent relevant experience and solid medical employment references.

Most of our contract assignments last between four and 13 weeks. Occasional exceptions are made in some circumstances.

Healthcare Information Technology Jobs Questions

Information Technology skill set requirements will vary from assignment to assignment. Soliant Health is hiring all experience levels across every healthcare IT skill set. We are hiring clinicians, such as nurses and pharmacists, as well as non-clinicians with strong IT experience.

The length of the assignment varies on the client. We have opportunities that last two weeks and some that last two years.

Information Technology professionals are not required to be licensed by the state. Some of our opportunities in the area of nurse and pharmacist informatics may require the respective state licensure. Most opportunities, though, will not require any specific state licensure.

Allied Health Questions


The minimum requirements include a valid license in the laboratory discipline in which you practice, updated physical and vaccinations, clinical experience and strong medical employment references.

The majority of the Soliant Health travel laboratory job assignments last between eight and 13 weeks. Many assignments get extended and the candidate always has the choice on whether they want to accept an extension or not.

No, there are currently ten states that require license. Your recruiter will walk you through which states require licenses.

Respiratory Therapy

To be a travel respiratory therapist with Soliant Health you must have a valid license in respiratory therapy, a current BCLS (CPR) card, updated vaccination and physical records, recent practical experience and firm medical employment recommendations.

Most travel assignments are between eight and 13 weeks but exceptions can be made depending on the hospital or facilities needs.

Because we have positions in big cities and small towns in all different types of settings, we can place you almost anywhere you want to go!

Radiation Oncology

The minimum requirements include a valid license in your discipline for the states where you practice, a copy of your current ARRT card, a current BCLS (CPR) card, copies of all applicable certifications and/or licensures, updated physical and vaccinations, recent relevant experience and solid medical employment references.

Most of our travel assignments last between four and 13 weeks. Occasional exceptions are made in some circumstances.

Yes, as a radiation therapy tech or physicist, you will need to have an active licensure for those states that require one, in addition to your ARRT and/or ABR certification. You must also be sure to be licensed before you begin your assignment. Your recruiter can help you through the quick and easy state licensure process.

Medical Imaging

In order to work as a traveler for Soliant Health you must a valid license in the your professional discipline, current physical and vaccination documentation, a current BCLS (CPR) card, recent clinical experience and outstanding medical employment recommendations.

A travel imaging assignment can last as long as 13 weeks or as little as four weeks. Sometimes exceptions are made depending on facility or hospitals needs.

The majority of states within the U.S. require a license if you are a x-ray, CT, MRI, or nuclear medicine tech. On the other hand if you are accepting an assignment as an ultrasound, vascular or echo sonographer then you most likely will not need a license.

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