School Nurse Jobs

Demand to fill school nurse jobs is high—in individual schools as well as school districts. And there’s no better source for education nurse jobs than Soliant. School nursing jobs are less stressful than a hospital setting, and they offer more predictable hours. Yet it’s just as meaningful, with plenty of opportunities every day to impact lives for the better.

Think you have what it takes to work with special needs students? Demand is particularly strong for nurses in special needs environments. It’s a specialized and rewarding practice that promotes academic achievement and overall student well-being in educational settings.

Education Nurse Job Duties

School nurse jobs play an important role in the maintenance and success of school healthcare systems nationwide. A school nurse is a representative of the comprehensive healthcare services provided to children and youth across all types of schools, and the responsibilities must be upheld for seamless performance. In an education nurse job, the school nurse is expected to provide preventive services to children, assist with the early identification of physical or mental health problems, make referrals to health facilities for more serious conditions and take part in interventions if necessary. They can also advocate against bullying and administer basic medicines to help children heal. With the help of various resources, school nurses are an important part of a school-aged child’s life, advocating for good health in order to foster better education success. The school nurse can also develop a working relationship between the school and the child’s home in order to best ensure that any health issues are being taken care of.

School Nursing Job Education Requirements

Most schools will require a school nurse to have a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing and be a registered nurse to meet school healthcare standards with school RN jobs. While some schools will employ an LPN school nurse, or licensed practical nurses, the chances are much greater if the nurse has an RN certificate. Beyond the certifications, to qualify for a school nurse job, it’s essential to also have experience in a clinic or in a variety of healthcare settings, as well as at least two years of training in an acute care setting. Additionally, there are some other education and training programs that can further enhance a school nurse’s qualifications. A school nurse should be skilled in pediatric health, public health and mental health practicing. They must be able to work well with children and be a strong voice for parents.

School RN Job Market

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the school nurse job market is projected to grow at least 19% by 2022, which is faster than most occupations. There are some schools that must consolidate their school nurse job positions due to federal budgeting concerns—however, for a nurse with that experience, there is more than enough opportunity elsewhere.

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