Therapy Jobs

We have therapy jobs in the following areas: travel therapy, occupational therapist, certified occupational therapist, physical therapist, physical therapy assistant, speech language pathologist, speech language pathology assistant and SLP-CFY (Clinical First Year). Our deep resources, extensive reach and unsurpassed experience combine to offer therapists unlimited possibilities, regardless of discipline. Soliant’s national scope delivers a huge network with equally huge opportunities. From rural clinics to inner-city acute care hospitals, school settings to rehabilitation centers, we offer positions in every corner of the country.

Therapy Duties

The field of clinical therapy is continuing to emerge. It is quite diverse and entails a wide array of specialties such as travel therapist, certified occupational therapist, speech language pathology assistant and many more. Regardless of what area you choose, you will be entering a profession that is designed to help others. There are multiple opportunities for employment in this field, from rural hospitals and acute clinics to private practice and corporate office locations. The options are almost endless, but there are some educational and professional qualifications that you will want to be aware of heading into this profession.

Therapy Education Requirements

The the educational and licensing requirements will differ depending on which therapy area of practice you wish to enter. It is possible to begin in one area, such as occupational therapist, and then gradually gain the experience and education that you need to advance to a certified occupational therapist.

Therapy Job Market

Salary and benefits will differ by field as well, as will the level of responsibility. If you are the type of person that enjoys helping people get physically and emotionally ready for a successful entry into the workforce, occupational therapy is for you. If you enjoy the medical field and want to help people recover from debilitating accidents and illnesses, physical therapy is an area where you can be a real asset. Take a moment to read through the various areas and decide where you want to invest your time and energy in the coming years.

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