School Staffing & Telehealth Staffing Services

Fortunately, here at Soliant, it’s the only thing on our minds. Our only job is to help schools and health services find the best staff members for them, regardless of geographic location, full- or part-time needs, or student or patient population.

Teleservices and in-person staffing for schools are the two main services you can hire for your school. If you’re looking to staff school or health services and you have questions, or aren’t sure where to start, you can learn more about our staffing services here, or you can reach out and contact us.

In the meantime, read on to learn more about teleservices and in-person services for schools.

Recruitment Services We Offer

As a recruitment agency, we simply help you hire staff for the job description that’s best for you. This can mean in-person or telehealth positions, full-time or part-time, and permanent or temporary contracts.

We have experience working with a wide variety of providers, including charter and public schools, large and small schools, hospitals, and private practice healthcare companies.

We have decades of experience just recruiting and hiring the best candidates for our employer-clients, so we know the right questions to ask about your environment, your student or patient population, and the precise specialties you need to find the right candidate for you.

If you get in touch with us through the links provided above, we’ll start asking questions to determine what solutions are best for you.

Telehealth Staffing

In recent years, the demand for telehealth staff has grown dramatically. Many employers, health practitioners, patients, and student families alike have found that delivering services via video from a remote location allows everyone involved to have lower costs, more freedom and flexibility, and greater access to people who may not live nearby.

Since some people don’t have the option to access in-person services due to their location or mobility challenges, teleservices may be their only option.

Benefits of teleservices include:

  • Saving on costs of mileage, relocation, office space, increased costs of living, and other expenses that might be related to requiring employees to move or commute to your physical location in order to work for you.

  • Some students and patients do better with telehealth services due to fewer distractions, more convenience, and greater accessibility for students and patients who may live near you or be able to commute to your office on a regular basis.

  • Telehealth services offer greater accessibility for employers, students, and patients alike. Employers aren’t restricted to just the job applicants who live nearby or are willing to relocate, and students and patients are not limited in what services they can benefit from by where they live.

Our school teleservices include:

  • Speech-Language Pathologists can help students and patients who have difficulty producing or understanding speech. This can happen for a wide range of reasons including disability, trauma, and injury.

  • Occupational Therapists can help people learn skills to complete daily life tasks more successfully, giving them more independence and success in their pursuits.

  • School Psychologists can help students perform better academically and experience greater well-being by giving them a safe place to learn about their feelings, and learn emotional and relationship skills to help them succeed.

  • Sign Language Interpreters are essential for any school or health service. All of us may serve hearing-impaired people, so it’s vital that these people be able to understand teacher’s lessons, doctor’s instructions, and more.

    For this reason it’s vital that all schools and healthcare services have access to a sign language interpreter, even if it’s only remote or part-time.

  • Teachers of the Visually Impaired are just as vital as sign-language interpreters. We may all serve visually impaired students or patients, so it’s vital that we have at least remote or part-time access to experts who can ensure that these patients and students have an equitable chance to learn and participate in their treatment.

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Providing life skills and education to deaf and hard of hearing students and patients goes beyond sign language interpretation. Experts in these fields can help those who are deaf and hard of hearing to learn better and navigate daily life with greater ease.

  • Social Workers make sure that students have what they need to succeed. They can help schools, providers, students, and patients with any kind of challenge from poverty to disability to access laws and resources that might help them to achieve and stay safe.

    Social workers can also serve as counselors and relationship educators when school psychologists are not available

  • Special Education Teachers are experts in the learning disabilities and behavioral challenges that many students face. Their expertise in teaching techniques and disabilities allows them to create and execute personalized teaching plans to improve the performance and well-being of students with challenges.

    Special Education Teachers, like Sign Language Interpreters, are essential for any school since all schools may serve students who have learning disabilities or behavioral challenges. Even schools that don’t think they have learning disabled children may find that some of their students do much better with the aid of a special education teacher.

  • Board Certified Behavioral Analysts are specialists who use scientific knowledge to help people overcome behavioral challenges and reach their academic and life goals.

    Their expertise allows them to help students and patients with autism, disabilities, and mental health issues to experience greater well-being and less struggle in a world that may not always understand them.

  • Diagnosticians are specialists who can pinpoint what disabilities, mental health issues, or other causes may be contributing to challenges to the well-being and performance of students and patients.

    They often begin their careers as Special Education Teachers, then go on to gain additional experience, expertise, and certifications that allow them to provide a higher level of expertise in cases where special education teachers are not sure what a student needs, or where treatment is not having the desired results.

  • Assistive Technology is technology that helps people complete the tasks of everyday life. This can range from technologies for the hearing impaired and visually impaired, to technology for physically disabled and elderly people.

    Experts in assistive technology can help people with disabilities to find, learn to use, and troubleshoot these life-changing tools.

School Staffing

Decades of experience have taught us that, when it comes to education and healthcare recruitment, one size does not fit all. Schools with different student populations, different funding sources, and different geographic locations need recruiters with different backgrounds and expertise.

That’s why here at Soliant, we operate multiple recruitment divisions that specialize in helping employers with different characteristics and needs. When you contact us, we’ll ask you questions to help direct you to the division that has the most experience with students and patients just like yours.

We know that what works for a small private school or clinic in the suburbs may not work for a large public school or hospital in Atlanta or NYC. So, when you work with us, you ensure that we understand the challenges you face and the needs of your specific organization.

The following categories within the school division are:

Therapy Staffing

Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists as well as their certified professional assistants all fall under the therapy staffing division. These account executives in this division understand the different credentialing and licensing requirements for these therapy professionals across the different states.

Special Education Staffing

Our Pupil Services Department can help in the staffing of Special Education Teachers, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, and teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

If you are running a facility and you have students with these needs, having on-site pupil-services for your students is important for their academic and social success.

Behavioral School Staffing

Soliant can also help you staff psychologists, social workers, behavioral therapists, and educational diagnosticians to ensure that all your students have all the support they need to excel.

These professionals can serve all students – not just those with diagnosed disabilities or behavioral challenges. Many students may benefit from access to a school psychologist or social worker, who can support them emotionally and possibly even help with physical needs related to poverty or family challenges.

Behavioral therapists and educational diagnosticians don’t just work with students with known learning disabilities, either. They may be able to help find previously hidden learning disabilities that make the difference between a passing student and an excelling student, and help students dealing with temporary trauma or hardship to learn skills that help with their well-being and academic achievement.

Interpreting and School Nursing

Finally, interpreters and school nurses are probably two of the most underappreciated roles in school settings today.

The ability of interpreters to help students who are hard of hearing, or who speak another language, cannot be overstated. For students who have barriers to understanding spoken English, having a school interpreter can completely transform their educational experience. It’s like opening a door to a new world.

School nurses, on the other hand, can support and improve the physical health of the student body – which of course improves their ability to learn. Whether it’s running a vaccination clinic or developing methods for preventing the spread of a contagious disease, or making sure that students with illnesses get their medication on-time throughout the day, school nurses make it easier for everyone to learn without being distracted by illness, injury, or emergency situations.

If you think your school or health service could benefit from any of these staff positions, contact Soliant today to arrange a consultation with the right staffing department for you. You can also check out our staffing services page to learn more about what we do.

Here at Soliant, we’d love to help your students excel and your patients to experience a higher quality of life. Let us know how we can help you today.

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