Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist Jobs

Schools around the country are looking for qualified hearing specialists. If you’ve got what it takes to succeed in this critical field, we’re looking for you, too. Connect with us today and let us connect you with one of our deaf and hard of hearing specialist jobs.

Succeeding as a deaf and hard of hearing specialist requires expertise in sign language and an understanding of deaf culture. Of course, it also requires compassion and a desire to enhance the lives of young people who need your help. If you have what it takes to succeed, check out our available deaf and hard of hearing specialist jobs right now.

School Hearing Specialist Duties

A school hearing specialist, also known as a deaf and hard of hearing specialist, follows the direction of the school administrator to plan for and provide learning structures to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The school hearing specialist will maintain an open line of communication with the deaf students and their families, working together to ensure that a smooth and successful education is achieved. The number one goal of the school hearing specialist is to promote positive learning for deaf students in a safe environment, providing compassion and patience to advocate for their needs. Many school hearing specialists must plan for an individualized education process, determining eligibility of students for certain programs, as well as helping parents fill out all the necessary paperwork for aid. The school hearing specialist is also required to provide training and consultation to parents and teachers, becoming a willing participant in staff activities and related volunteer work.

School Hearing Specialist Education Requirements

Those who are interested in becoming school hearing specialists must acquire and possess a valid state special education credential, which allows them to teach students with a deafness disability. These professionals must also be adept at using technology, such as computers and hearing aid devices. A school hearing specialist must be able to think critically and understand the best plans for a student’s success. Those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree may be given higher preference in the job field. School hearing specialists are also required to have at least two years of full-time experience at a school or related facility, as well as a Certificate of Registration.

School Hearing Specialist Job Market

The average an annual salary for hearing specialists has a projected growth over the next 10 years. Hearing specialists in a school setting are most likely to earn even more than the average hearing specialists. Depending on the level of experience, the school hearing specialist has a tendency to make more on an hourly or salaried basis.

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Deaf & Hard of Hearing Specialist Teletherapy Jobs

With a deaf and hard of hearing specialist teletherapy position, you can help hearing impaired students near or far. Learn more today by clicking here.

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Soliant is searching for an ASL Teacher near Boise, ID.

Boise, Idaho
Soliant is searching for an ASL Teacher near Boise, ID. Job Details: Full-time Monday Friday 2023 2024 school year Caseload: general education classroom Responsibilities: instruct ASL as a second language Qualifications: Must have Deaf/ Hard of Hearing Teaching Endorsement ...
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