Special Education Jobs

In a special education teacher job with Soliant, we offer the flexibility to choose where, when and how you’ll help change the lives of the children you work with all across the country. We have hundreds of opportunities in large school systems to small school districts.

Think you have what it takes to work with special needs students? Demand is particularly strong for special education teachers. And there’s no better source for special education teacher jobs than Soliant. Small rural towns. Urban settings. Everything in between, we can place you where you want to be. And that’s just the beginning of the benefits.

Special Education Duties

Although there are different types of special education, all of those who work in special education must possess compassion, patience and a passion for helping others. Special education teachers and administrators will be responsible for working with students with a wide range of mental, emotional, learning and physical disabilities. They must use their expertise and skills to decide how to best educate the student, promoting good health and positive relationships. Special education professionals must also know how to educate students with severe disabilities, helping them with communication, literacy and other basic skills. They will also be asked to teach math, writing and reading to students with moderate or mild learning disabilities. Special education teachers most often perform their duties in preschools, public schools, childcare service facilities and other traditional institutions. These individuals must possess the kindness and flexibility to help students feel as comfortable as possible, while also promoting good learning habits and a positive educational environment.

Special Education Teacher Education Requirements

In order to become a special education teacher, you must have a bachelor’s degree in education, special education, or a related field. During the course of their learning, they must become acquainted with the different types of disabilities, and how to teach students with disabilities in a way that they will understand and respond to. A special education professional is also required to have acquired all state-issued certifications as well as any other types of licensure that the school board may ask for. While a master’s or graduate degree is not required to become a special education professional, it can help increase chances of hiring success as well as earn higher wages upon starting. Those who are looking to be hired in private school environments may not have to pass the state requirements for entry.

Special Education Job Market

Between now and the year 2024, the Bureau of Statistics projects a 6% growth rate in the field of special education. Since the job is often quite stressful, schools have a hard time finding and keeping special education teachers. Therefore, the market is great for an individual who is interested in growing a career in special education. Schools will want to keep you long-term, and the pay will be well worth it.

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