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Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a fee for Soliant Health’s job placement services?
No, Soliant Health works for you at no cost to assist in you in meeting your career goals.

What can I expect from my recruiter?
At Soliant Health, we build lasting relationships with our pharmacy professionals. Your recruiter serves as your career counselor and friend. He or she will become your “go to” person for decision support, advice and career planning, and is always available for assistance.

How do I become a pharmacy professional with Soliant Health?
It’s simple! You have the choice of filling out an application online or calling one of our recruiters.

What are the current requirements for pharmacy professionals?
The minimum requirements include a valid license in your professional discipline, recent experience in the practice setting that you wish to work, solid employment references, and other customer specific requirements which may vary depending on position and setting.

How long is the typical assignment?
Assignment length may vary depending on whether you are looking for per diem work, full- or part-time opportunities or even for travel assignments. We have everything from day-to-day shifts, full-time schedules, travel assignments that may last up to 13 weeks or more. It is up to you!

Once I have accepted an assignment, what happens next?
Once you have accepted an assignment as a pharmacy professional, your recruiter will confirm your start date and schedule with you. Behind the scenes, our coordinators make all of your arrangements, including travel, if applicable, well in advance of your start date. We will send you a package with all the information you need to start your assignment.

How soon after accepting an assignment can I expect to start?
Our start dates are determined based on many factors such as:

  • Our customers needs
  • Your availability
  • Locations of the assignment

We will work with all parties to confirm a start date as soon as possible.

Do I need a license for each state?
Yes, a valid pharmacy license, in the state where you wish to work, is required in order to be eligible for employment with us. Opportunities may exist to obtain additional licensure if applicable to your assignment. Also, our federal opportunities may provide some licensure flexibility as well, so make sure to speak to your recruiter regarding your licensure status.

Once I’m licensed as a pharmacy professional in one state, how long does it take to get licensed in another?
It depends, because each state has different licensing regulations. You may get your license the same day you apply, but sometimes it can take several months. Your recruiter will help you with the entire process.

Does Soliant provide benefits during assignments?
Soliant Health offers one of the best benefit packages in the industry. Please speak to a recruiter to find out more.

How much money will I make with Soliant Health?
Your pay rate depends on many variables, such as your specialty, experience level, location and facility. We work with you to customize a compensation plan that works best for you.

How will I be paid?
Soliant Health pays on a weekly basis, so you can expect a check each Friday during your assignment. You also can take advantage of our free, convenient direct deposit program.

How are taxes handled?
You won’t have to worry about self-employment tax. Soliant, as your employer, withholds your taxes. Your recruiter can tell you more about how this works.

What happens once my pharmacy assignment is complete?
We will work with you to review all options for your next assignments which may include an extension of your current assignment or working with you well in advance of your assignment end date to find you another great opportunity. You will have continuous contact with our recruiters before, during, and after each assignment to ensure we are meeting all of your career needs.

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