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Educating Patients is as Important as Medicine

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When patients are diagnosed with a condition that requires extensive or long-term treatment, going the “take two of these and call me in the morning” route might seem the simplest way to go, but it can be detrimental to their personal outcome. Patient education is a very important part of the diagnostic and treatment process that should not be overlooked or glazed over. In fact, some hospitals and practices employ patient educators whose specific job it is to work with patients to improve their understanding. Those who have a better understanding of their condition, how it can affect them, things they can do to improve their own outcome, and the why and how of their diagnosis and prognosis are better patients and will have a better outcome and outlook as they go through treatment. Continue reading “Educating Patients is as Important as Medicine”

Four Reasons You Should Attend a Professional Conference This Year

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Conference season is coming up, and you may be trying to decide whether attending a professional conference is something that you should invest your time and money in.  Though not every conference is a good investment, there are several reasons that you should find quality medical conferences and attend them regularly. The benefits of attending conferences are far reaching and can help you to improve your performance and better serve your patients. Here are just a few great reasons you should make plans to attend a professional conference this year.

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Top 8 Video Games for Training Surgeons

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Who would have thought that a $60 piece of software on a $250 piece of hardware would become a critical training tool for laparoscopic surgeons?

While you could argue this statement isn’t universally accepted (yet), a 2007 study into the relevance of video games as a training tool for traditional, laparoscopic, and robot-assisted surgery bears-out what anyone who became a physician during or after the advent of Pong, Space Invaders or Pacman already knew… Continue reading “Top 8 Video Games for Training Surgeons”

11 Certifications To Expand Your Skill Set

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Whether you’re a doctor looking to change specialties, a nurse looking to re-train, or a med-school student who just decided they want to open up a camping store rather than start practicing medicine (wait…that was actually an episode of The Cosby Show)…

…Seriously, let’s say you’re a med-school student and decide at the last minute that you want to do something other than what you were trained for, or want to add a new skill set to your tool belt for a backup career, a new CV feature, or just to expand your horizons…

Whether you’re looking for a full-time change-of-pace or a minor side project, here below are 11 medical certifications you may not have thought of:
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