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Resume Tips For New Grads

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You’ve worked hard, graduated college and now it is time to get a job! What is more important than a solid resume? Nothing. This piece of paper could really make or break you when employers are narrowing down potential candidates to call for interviews, so you must craft your resume to its very best to get that job. Here are some tips on how to make your resume shine.

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New Grad Interview Tips

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You did it! You graduated college, applied to a couple jobs and got your first call back for a job you would love to accept. You have made it to the interview process! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, but how do you prepare for this interview to knock it out of the park? Here are some tips on how to complete an interview successfully.

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Kennesaw State: Soliant Careers

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Like Kennesaw State University, Soliant is a leader in innovative practices that set us apart from the rest. As a leader in our industry, we recognize that people are at the center of everything we do. Creating long-lasting relationships is one of the reasons why we are successful. When you join the Soliant family, you are joining a group of vibrant, diverse individuals who share a vision for excellence. Learn more about what our Kennesaw alumnus have to say about their career with Soliant.

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Georgia Southern University: Soliant Careers

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Georgia Southern University encourages an environment of learning, discovery and personal growth. At Soliant, we encourage the same as you grow in your career. At Soliant, we truly believe our business isn’t just healthcare staffing services. It’s about building relationships and changing lives, and we recruit like-minded people who share our vision for excellence. We believe in the growth and life success of our people. Hear more from Georgia Southern University alumni who a part of the Soliant family.

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