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8 Don’t-Miss Online Resources for School Psychologists

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School psychologists are tasked with a number of duties throughout their workday. From assisting with setting up and implementing IEPs for students, to helping mentally ill students navigate their school career, to offering services to students who are struggling to come to terms with a tragic life event or other trauma that affected them. Continue reading “8 Don’t-Miss Online Resources for School Psychologists”

Through The Google Glass

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The era of wearable technology has arrived and with it came something right out of a sci-fi movie — the Google Glass. This eyeglass-esque computer device was released for trial earlier this year. Participants, called “explorers,” were able to snag a pair for a hefty price of $1,500. During this trial, Google aims to make improvements to the Glass and to finalize a product eligible for mass production. Recent reports say the Google Glass could retail approximately $300 when it finally becomes available to the public.¹ Continue reading “Through The Google Glass”

A Nurse’s Role in the Mobile Health Environment

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More than 3.4 billion people will have smartphones or tablets with access to mobile health apps by 2017.¹ Mobile health is not only changing the way healthcare technologies are being developed, but it is also changing the way people on the front lines, such as doctors and nurses, are providing care.

Continue reading “A Nurse’s Role in the Mobile Health Environment”

The Most Technologically Advanced Schools in America

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While you can’t actually “buy” progress, and infrastructure alone can’t create innovation, having a technologically advanced research base with ample facilities can definitely help facilitate breakthroughs.

With that in mind, here’s a spotlight on some of the most technologically-advanced schools for – or including – medical research, in four key categories:
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Could a Facebook-Style App Help Doctors Help Patients?

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One U.S. medical center recently estimated it received about 50,000 faxes a month for consults and referrals, and sent about 10,000 faxes in the same period.

While this may seem absurd to any non-medical professional in an age of email, smartphones, networked tablets, and social media, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has prevented doctors from exchanging information without “reasonable safeguards” (including via email and Facebook) since 1996.

Getting around the red tape

For doctors looking to share life-improving patient information with other medical professionals, a HIPAA-compliant, physician-only network launched a year ago by Doximity (created by a group of former Epocrates execs) called iRounds has convinced approximately 7% of all the doctors in America to create and use roughly 35,000 secure accounts to quickly share patient information

After a detailed verification process (which includes a credit check and a comparison of supplied credentials to the American Medical Association’s database) a multi-step sign-in similar to what your bank uses online lets physicians securely and legally exchange patient records, test results, and other data with specialists. In doing so, such physicians could be paving the way for a new standard, where a more efficient consultation process could make a huge difference for time-critical analysis. Continue reading “Could a Facebook-Style App Help Doctors Help Patients?”