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How Long Do Travel Nurses Stay in One Place?

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How Long Do Travel Nurses Stay in One Place?

Travel nursing is an exciting career path that offers the unique opportunity to help others, learn new skills, and explore different parts of the country or the world. However, there are some important rules and regulations regarding the duration of assignments, travel stipends, and taxation that travel nurses need to be aware of.

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How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

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How to Write a Nursing Cover Letter

As a prospective nurse, it’s essential to showcase your skills, experience and passion for the profession in the most effective way possible. That’s where a well-crafted nursing cover letter comes in!

A cover letter not only introduces you to potential employers but also highlights your unique qualifications for the nursing position you’re applying for. In this blog, Soliant Health hiring experts provide everything there is to know about crafting the perfect cover letter for nursing jobs, including a step-by-step guide packed with tips to stand out and a nursing cover letter example and template so you can get started with confidence.

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Nurses Share a Glimpse into the Career

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Nurses Share A Glimpse Into the Career

Soliant Health interviewed nurses Steven Long and Joey Ellerbee to learn more about their careers, including powerful stories, advice for those looking to enter the field, how communities can help their local nurses, and insight into the most rewarding and challenging aspects of the jobs.

Today, over three million registered nurses play a crucial role in providing quality healthcare to countless individuals in communities across the nation. The patience, selflessness, and unwavering quality of care that nurses provide—even throughout a global pandemic and a national staffing shortage—deserves significant appreciation. Be sure to thank your local nurses for all they do to ensure quality care for their communities.

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4 Top Allied Health Jobs in Demand

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Looking to grow your allied health career? We breakdown four top jobs to advance your career.

4 top allied health jobs in demand in the u.s.

Many healthcare professionals know allied health is a great place to launch a healthcare career. Many get their start in the field with an associate degree or a certification and continue to grow with additional education, experience and certifications in other areas under the allied health umbrella.

Looking for a job in the allied health field? Start searching now.

Allied Health Career Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) considers healthcare to be one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. Employment is expected to grow by 13% over the next 10 years – adding about 2 million new jobs over the next decade – which is much faster than all other occupations.

In addition, BLS projects about 1.9 million jobs open annually due to the replacement of workers who retire or move careers.

In this article, we discuss some of the top allied health job options that can help propel your healthcare career, including the top states for these jobs and the additional qualifications for each position.

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Tips for Taking Time Off

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As a healthcare professional, you are well aware that it takes a certain tirelessness just to keep up with, much less excel at, everything your job demands. Between managing patients, tasks, and the odd crisis, the work never seems to end. It’s this very nature of the field that means you will eventually need to take some time off to maintain your health and sanity, whether it’s for a long-awaited exotic vacation with your significant other or to spend a few days in bed recovering from a case of stress-induced pneumonia you caught after pulling 49 straight overnight shifts. When the time does come, don’t just clock out and take off running for the hills without warning. Here are a few tips to help you ensure everything continues running smoothly in your absence while you’re off relaxing. Continue reading “Tips for Taking Time Off”

Things You Need to Know About Dating Another Medical Professional

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In the busy life of a medical professional, it can be challenging to find time to meet people and develop relationships. Especially in the earlier years of your career, much of your time is spent with others in the healthcare industry so it is only natural that you may begin dating another medical professional. This can be an ideal situation for some, but there are some things you should know before moving into a dating relationship with another medical professional. Continue reading “Things You Need to Know About Dating Another Medical Professional”