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Elementary vs. High School Nurse: What is Right for You?

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School nurses are a critical part of many settings. They work in a wide variety of educational environments, including public and private preschools, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, public health agencies, hospitals, and overseas military bases. These specialists are dynamic and integral members of the student support team. Continue reading “Elementary vs. High School Nurse: What is Right for You?”

How to Become a School Nurse: Requirements & Certification

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A school nurse is an essential member of a school site. Not only do they ensure the health and safety of all students, but they also are trusted sources of information and expert guidance for the educational community. School nurses serve a more critical role than ever with increasing factors, such as stress and disease, affecting students’ physical well-being. Continue reading “How to Become a School Nurse: Requirements & Certification”

Monthly Health Theme Ideas for School Nurses

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As a part of the many jobs of the school nurse, helping to educate and bring attention to health issues. Everything has an awareness day or month, it seems, but sorting through to find things that are appropriate for your school community may be a challenge. The best option is to promote issues that matter to those in your community specifically, but if you’re stumped, we have some ideas for the school year listed below. Continue reading “Monthly Health Theme Ideas for School Nurses”

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a School Nurse

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Interviewing for the role of a school nurse is a bit different than filling any other position in either a healthcare or educational setting. There are a lot of special skills and personality traits that make up a good school nurse and you’ll want to ensure that you’re selecting a candidate that embodies these unique qualities. There are many questions to ask before hiring a school nurse, some of which will be customized to your own district’s needs and policies. Here are a few important questions to ask in a school nurse interview that will help you determine whether you have the right person for the job. Continue reading “Questions to Ask Before Hiring a School Nurse”

5 Things School Nurses Should do to Round Out the School Year

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The end of the school year is just around the corner! While it can be tempting to just coast into summer, school nurses have a lot that needs to be accomplished before the students have left the building. By taking care of a few important tasks at the end of the school year, you’ll make things easier for yourself as the next school year gets underway.

Continue reading “5 Things School Nurses Should do to Round Out the School Year”

The School Nurse’s Role in Mental Health

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Mental health care is always a hot-button topic, but never more so than in the wake of a violent tragedy like the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Blame is being batted around like a tennis ball, with fingers pointed at gun regulations, missed mental health signals, ignored reports of a potential for violence, delayed reactions from security, and any number of other people and situations. All these things may or may not have played a factor in the events of that day, but the one thing that is the most common factor in any situation like this of the perpetrator’s need for mental health care. Continue reading “The School Nurse’s Role in Mental Health”