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Travel Nursing: An Insider Look at Being a Travel Nurse

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As of July 2021, the unemployment rate in the United States has increased to 5.9 percent as millions of workers are struggling to find the jobs they want. Additionally, the latest trends in employment reveal that people are looking for more flexibility in their career that gives them more control over when, and sometimes even where, they work.

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Travel Nursing With Pets

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Life as a travel nurse comes with a built-in set of logistical challenges. Even when you’re relatively unencumbered in your personal affairs, it can be stressful enough having to spend time every couple of months finding a new assignment, securing a place to stay, and dealing with your mom calling you every three hours to harass you as you try to explain to her yet again that no, you’re not moving home this time just because she needs help unloading her groceries from the car. When you add a beloved pet into the equation, things can get even more complicated.

We know you care more about your furbabies than life itself, and that, when it comes to selecting new assignments, making sure they are comfortable and well taken care of is as much of a consideration as your own access to indoor plumbing (hey, your pets seems to do okay without it). That being the case, here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your furry friends to remain a part of your travel nursing lifestyle.

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Great Apps for Travel Nurses

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When you’re on the road and exploring new places as a travel nurse, you’ll want to have quick access to the best information about your home away from home, plus easy ways to keep track of work-related expenses, and a portable way to access career-related information while on the job. We’ve pulled together a list of some great apps that travel nurses will find useful and that will simplify life on the road.

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Top Travel Nursing Myths Debunked

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You might be considering taking the plunge and becoming a travel nurse. Then again, you might have heard a few things that make you wonder if working as a traveler is the right choice. Although it can be a little intimidating moving into something new, it’s easier if you bust the myths and get the facts. Below are some common myths about travel nursing that may be holding you back. Continue reading “Top Travel Nursing Myths Debunked”

Using Your Skills for Good: Volunteerism Opportunities in Nursing

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The news has been filled with images of devastated communities in the wake of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Communities are ravaged by flooding and storm damage, and many of the residents have been displaced to shelters. Along with the homes that have been damaged, many hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities are dealing with the same aftermath and struggle to serve their patients. Volunteer nurses are stepping up to assist and helping to take the burden off of local caregivers. Continue reading “Using Your Skills for Good: Volunteerism Opportunities in Nursing”

Seven Tips for Handling Difficult Patients

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In a perfect world, we would all spend our days surrounded by happy patients who never are upset, never complain, and who are always compliant to requests. However, the reality is that nearly every single medical professional will need to deal with a difficult patient at some point, if not on a regular basis. So what are we to do when patients are rude, belligerent, or defiant? Here are some tips to help you handle any situation with grace. Continue reading “Seven Tips for Handling Difficult Patients”