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A Detailed Look at the Different Types of Special Education

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Special education is a very broad field and has many different specialties. Those who specialize in working with students who have extra challenges may find themselves in a number of different scenarios, depending on the school district or type of school that they are working in. There are six main types of special education within most public-school settings. Continue reading “A Detailed Look at the Different Types of Special Education”

School Psychologist vs School Counselor – What’s the Difference?

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Among the many job titles you come across in the education sector, that of school counselor vs school psychologist often causes a lot of confusion. When most people think of counseling, they think of mental health therapy, so it’s only natural that they associate the role of a psychologist with this position. However, when you’re talking about school-based positions, school counselors and school psychologists often have very different roles and responsibilities. Continue reading “School Psychologist vs School Counselor – What’s the Difference?”

5 Icebreaker Activities for School Psychologists

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Though summer is here, the next school year is always lingering at the back of the mind of most school psychologists. You may be thinking about what new challenges will pop up over the summer or be on the lookout for new activities that you can use to help your students. As icebreaker activities will be a great asset as the school year begins and everyone is trying to develop relationships with new students or those who are facing new situations in their lives, we have gathered a few activity ideas that might help you get the school year started off right.

Continue reading “5 Icebreaker Activities for School Psychologists”

8 Don’t-Miss Online Resources for School Psychologists

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School psychologists are tasked with a number of duties throughout their workday. From assisting with setting up and implementing IEPs for students, to helping mentally ill students navigate their school career, to offering services to students who are struggling to come to terms with a tragic life event or other trauma that affected them. Continue reading “8 Don’t-Miss Online Resources for School Psychologists”