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Healthcare in Rural Areas: Access, Improvement and Comparison to Urban Healthcare

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 60 million people, or one in five Americans, live in rural America. Studies from the CDC are now drawing attention to the gap in health between urban and rural America. However, in urban areas, there are still plenty who find it difficult to access the primary or specialty care they need. Delays and longer wait times are often the case in these areas as well. 

Though there’s an urge to discover whether people in cities or the countryside have it better when it comes to access to medical professionals, the differences between states and the way people in both populations utilize healthcare services make a definitive winner-loser comparison impossible. 

What we can do is look at a few telling aspects of how rural medical care compares to that of cities. 

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Travel Nurse Housing Guide

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Travel Nurse Housing Guide: How Do Travel Nurses Find Housing?

Travel nursing has become an incredibly attractive career for healthcare workers in recent years, offering nurses the ultimate flexibility and control over when and where they want to work—while also helping to meet the needs of healthcare facilities nationwide. There’s a high demand for nurses, meaning opportunities for travel nursing jobs are growing.

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Soliant Report Reveals the Best States for Happiness & Mental Health 

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Soliant Health has released its 2023 Best States for Mental Health Report, which ranks all 50 states on various factors that impact mental health and mental healthcare access.

The report was commissioned to better understand the disparities in mental health support in communities and schools nationwide, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports 1 in 5 Americans will experience a mental illness in a given year. This comprehensive report aims to elevate the conversations about mental health and the crucial need for increased access to mental wellness services across the country.

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Soliant 2023 School Injury Report

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As children nationwide return for a new school year this August and September, Soliant has released the 2023 School Injury Report to educate parents on the most common dangers in schools for students. The report analyzes the most common causes and types of school-related injuries, including advice from medical professionals on how parents should talk to their children about school safety. 

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The 10 Best Inclusive School Playgrounds in America

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10 Best Inclusive Playgrounds in America.

From inspirational stories to award-winning designs, join Soliant as we celebrate these ten best inclusive school playgrounds in the United States.

Soliant reviewed outstanding school playgrounds across the country based on several factors, including the utilization of inclusive playground design core principles, quantity, and quality of play features offered, and any unique inspirations or stories behind the development, funding, or name of the playground. These selected playgrounds go beyond minimum accessibility to offer play experiences for a wide variety of needs—for example, by offering braille features for students who are visually impaired and sensory-rich structures for students with developmental disabilities.

While all schools that strive toward increasing inclusivity and equal play are winners in our eyes, here are our picks for the ten best all-inclusive school playgrounds in the United States.

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5 Popular Medical Shows Ranked by Accuracy

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“It must be true…I saw it on TV,” many non-medical professionals exclaim after catching some insights on a procedure or disease during a modern medical drama episode.

It’s a refrain heard over and over again. While many entertaining depictions of life from the ER to the OR employ consultants in the medical industry, no rule says that their advice has to be obeyed in the show.

Here are TV’s most popular medical shows ranked from the least to the most accurate at portraying real-life hospital situations.

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