Clinical Fellowship Year Jobs

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CFY Duties

Speech-language pathologists who are in their clinical fellowship year (CFY) are treated as professional speech-language pathologists, with a range of job duties that are expected of them in any kind of workplace. This individual will typically work in a hospital, school, clinic, or private location. A CFY is on track to completing a fellowship, and must respond to the following daily duties: Identify clients with speech, language, voice and speaking disorders, review the type of services available to each patient, create and implement various treatment plans, monitor patients and provide direct therapy services to those in need. CFY speech-pathologists will be monitored by a supervisor at all times, as a requirement for completing the CFY.

CFY Education Requirements

A CFY will have to have complete at least a Bachelor’s degree before entering the fellowship program. This speech-language pathologist should also obtain a Master’s degree for entering a fellowship as well, but some states may supplement the fellowship as part of the training. A qualifying CFY will also possess strong compassion and communication skills, a knack for patience and patient care, good critical thinking skills and the ability to multitask under a variety of different situations. The individual will be required to complete at least 300 hours of the residency before becoming a full speech-language pathologist.

CFY Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth in the speech-language pathology field is increasing, making it the perfect time to pursue a residency and start earning a higher annual salary. There is the potential to earn more, depending on the location and type of residency. More years of experience contribute to higher salaries and better wages.