ICU Nurse Jobs

It takes a unique blend of skill, training and compassion to be a successful intensive care unit nurse. If you’ve got what it takes, let us connect you with a great ICU nurse job or ICU nurse travel job at a premier facility.

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ICU Nurse Job Responsibilities

Both CCU nurse jobs and ICU nurse jobs require someone who can thrive in stressful situations, with an aptitude for quick thinking, critical decision making and patience. As one of the most complex nursing jobs in the field, an ICU critical care nurse uses many years of skills and experience to care for patients who have experienced trauma or who are critically ill.

An ICU nurse job encompasses a wide variety of duties and responsibilities, including treating wounds, assisting physicians in performing procedures and operations, assessing a patient’s condition and making plans for their care, recording patient vital signs, ordering diagnostic tests, responding to life-saving situations, maintaining protocols for treatment, ensuring that monitors and ventilators are functioning properly, collaborating with other members of the critical care team, educating the patient’s families, and, last but certainly not least, acting as the patient’s number one advocate.

Education Requirements for ICU & CCU Nurse Jobs

For CCU, ICU and ICU travel nurse jobs, nurses must first possess all the requirements needed to become a registered nurse. The registered nurse then must have experience in general patient care. Since the ICU requires critical thinking and often dire patient situations, it is of utmost importance that the critical care nurse be experienced and familiar with all types of care situations in order to support the best chances of success for the patient.

Employers tend to prefer nurses with BSN degrees. An ICU critical care nurse must also have earned the Certified Critical Care Nurse certificate, which is offered through the AACN.

ICU Nurse Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ICU or CCU nurse jobs offer a much higher earning potential than other RN positions. This is because of the amount of experience and intensive experience a critical care nurse must have. The job is fast-paced and strenuous, and a nurse must be prepared for any kind of situation.

This expertise is in demand in facilities across the nation, making critical care travel nursing jobs an excellent career path for those wanting to travel and receive a highly competitive salary.

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