Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs

With Soliant licensed practical nurse jobs, you get to choose the locations, scheduling, settings and other factors that add up to a career—not just a job.

We know that those in licensed practical nurse jobs are often the glue that holds patient care and treatment plans together. With so much riding on your work, we ensure to give you the support you need to perform at peak levels in your LPN job.

When you take an LPN travel assignment, LPN contract job or permanent LPN opening with Soliant, you’re positioned for all the personal and professional growth you can handle! We’ll not only help you find the right LPN job, but if you take a per diem or LPN travel nursing job with us, we’ll arrange—and pay for—your travel plans and find you a comfortable place to live. If you take a permanent licensed practical nurse job with us, we’ll ensure your new employer provides you with top-notch benefits.

Responsibilities in LPN Jobs & LPN Travel Assignments

All licensed practical nurse jobs require applicants to perform the basic duties that revolve around assisting a patient upon first entering the hospital or clinic. As an LPN, your primary duties will consist of taking accurate health history notes, searching for patient records and verifying patient health information. Once the patient is in the hospital or doctor’s office assigned room, LPN job responsibilities include taking their temperature, assisting them with dressing or bathing, preparing patients for a medical procedure and monitoring a catheter or other input devices. These essential nursing duties are important for the overall health and well-being of the patient.

LPN Job Education Requirements

Before applying for an LPN job and LPN travel nursing jobs, you must complete one year of nursing education as well as perform hands-on internships at hospitals or in nursing homes. During the course of your one-year training, you will learn how to prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing, which you are required to pass in order to start a licensed practical nurse job. Upon completion of the program, you will be qualified to take both a state exam and the NCLEX-PN. You must pass both tests in order to become qualified as a LPN. On top of that, you must know how to have a compassionate heart and a steady hand, as caring for patients is your primary goal in every licensed practical nurse job.

Licensed Practical Nurse Job Market

Between now and 2024, there is a projected 16% growth in employment, which covers all areas of nursing. With the Baby Boomer generation increasing the number of patients using Medicare, there is a growing demand to fill licensed practical nurse jobs as soon as possible. This demand makes LPN travel nursing jobs an attractive career path, as you can help fill essential roles with the benefits of a competitive salary.

Regardless of which type of role you’re looking for, from LPN travel assignments and LPN contract jobs to permanent LPN openings, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are looking for LPNs that can work well with people, have patience for older patients and are great communicators.

Let us help you find your dream licensed practical nurse job or next LPN travel assignment today by searching our available positions below!