Registered Respiratory Therapy Jobs

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As a registered respiratory therapist (RRT) you work with patients who have some of medicine’s most challenging conditions. It’s demanding work, requiring compassion, skill and patience—in addition to extensive training. Soliant is committed to helping you find the perfect assignment in your field, so you can excel.

It’s no secret that you’re field is experiencing major growth. Experts predict a meteoric rise in employment for respiratory care workers over the next several years. That puts your skills in demand. Soliant can help you capitalize on that demand by making sure you are rewarded for the important and demanding work you do with exceptional RRT jobs.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Duties

A registered respiratory therapist has earned more credentials than a certified respiratory therapist, which places them in a higher salary range and advances their career into more of a management position. Because of this, the registered respiratory therapist will be required to collect and analyze blood, sputum, breath and other breathing-related specimens. The registered respiratory therapist will use these samples to test for oxygen levels, carbon dioxide levels and any irregularities. A registered respiratory therapist will be required to help the patient determine what type of breathing irregularity has occurred, and if impairments are present. As a higher-up in the respiratory therapy field, the registered respiratory therapist is required to practice logical judgment, compassionate communication, critical thinking and making tough decisions in a critical environment. Ensuring the treatment and recovery of a patient with breathing problems is the primary goal of the registered respiratory therapist.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Education Requirements

As an advanced level in the respiratory therapy field, a registered individual must have an associate’s degree as well as the credential of a Registered Respiratory Therapist. There are the minimum requirements, however; a registered respiratory therapist should be advised to pursue a higher level of education such as a master’s degree for a chance at higher job placement as well as a pay raise. It is likely that a registered respiratory therapist will be required to have CPR certification as well. They must be familiar with concepts and practices employed by the hospital, and must come equipped with years of experience to help the hospital function in an efficient manner.

Registered Respiratory Therapist Job Market

On average, a registered respiratory therapist makes more than a certified respiratory therapist. Registered respiratory therapist annual salaries depends on the state and facility of employment. Higher education levels and more experience can lead to higher pay raises.