Physical Therapy Assistant Jobs

Soliant has hundreds physical therapy assistant jobs nationwide in medical and clinical settings. Our physical therapy assistants enjoy excellent salaries, robust healthcare benefits, paid housing and travel, saving plans and much more.

Physical therapy assistants (PTAs) help physical therapists handle many of the important details related to a patient’s overall treatment protocol. It’s a perfect stepping-stone assignment for people looking to build their skill and certification levels for a career as a physical therapist. And with our network of resources, Soliant has what it takes to place you into the physical therapy assistant jobs of your dreams.

Physical Therapy Assistant Duties

Physical therapy assistants work under the supervision of a physical therapist and provide needed services directly to the client. There are a variety of settings in which a physical therapy assistant can work. These include hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private clinics and many more. As a physical therapy assistant, you will be on the front line of patient care. You will be giving life back to dreams that were shattered. The array of patients that you can work with, from young children to the elderly, is quite amazing. Working right alongside a licensed physical therapist will also enable to gain valuable on the job experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Physical Therapy Assistant Education Requirements

A physical therapy assistant must earn an associate’s degree in PTA in order to practice in the U.S. In addition to a PTA degree, the assistant must also be licensed in the state that they wish to practice. State licensure requirements vary in each state but most require a state exam, First Aid and CPR certification, as well as fieldwork hours. Education will help further your career, particularly if want to advance to the role of physical therapist. Whether you prefer to stick with assisting physical therapist’s or want to build on your skills and work toward earning your full physical therapy certification, Soliant has your opportunity right now.

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Market

Physical therapy assistants are in high demand across the country making it an ideal profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physical therapist assistant field is expected to grow almost 40% in the next decade. In addition, due to the demand for PTAs, the salary has been on the rise.