Operating Room Nurse Jobs

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Operating Room Nurse Job Duties

Operating room RN jobs require nurses to perform special duties that a regular nurse does not typically perform, making OR nurses highly sought-after professionals. Operating room nurse job duties depend on the location and the hospital involved, but generally speaking, an operating room nurse (also known as a perioperative nurse) is expected to provide patient care before, during and after an operation.

OR nurses may also be asked to work with circulating nurses, ensuring that patients’ files are kept safely stored and that medications are properly administered. In some situations, operating room nurse duties include preparing operation instruments and other equipment by sterilizing or organizing the items. Operating room nurses are also responsible for filling out healthcare-related paperwork and assisting with other hospital filing tasks. Operating room nurses can be hired in a variety of medical facility.

Operating Room Nurse Travel Job Duties

Travel operating room nurses generally have the same duties that come with permanent operating room jobs. However, when it comes to OR nurse travel duties, you will have the unique opportunity to work in locations throughout the country—from rural communities to large cities and everywhere in between. Your location choices as an operating room travel nurse are endless. You can expect to gain a variety of experiences since you have the opportunity to work in many different facilities with a career in operating room travel nursing.

Operating Room Nurse Job Education Requirements

Both permanent and travel operating room nurses are required to complete a certificate program that qualifies registered nurses (RN) for RN operating room jobs. Those that hold operating room nurse job titles tend to have also completed the necessary education requirements for becoming a registered nurse. This includes a degree from an accredited university, as well as the passing of state and voluntary certificate exams. To take on an operating room nursing job, nurses are also required to have patience, compassion, the ability to think critically and the ability to act as a leader during stressful situations. OR nurses are expected to work with a team and provide clear answers to even the toughest questions.

Operating Room Nurse Job Market & Salary

Based on location and experience, operating room nurses are one of the highest-paying nursing jobs on the market, and unprecedented job growth is expected to occur. Nurses who pursue higher education to become certified for an operating room RN job can raise their wages and earn a higher living rate. Operating room travel nurses who learn specialized skills such as neurological, robotic surgery and cardiac are likely to bump their salaries even higher. This is because, with a career in travel nursing, operating room nurses have the opportunity to follow where operating room jobs are in the highest demand and offer advantageous salaries. In most operating room jobs, nurses enjoy excellent salaries, full benefits, travel reimbursement and liability insurance.

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