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20 best speech therapy blogs

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Speech therapy is definitely an area of the medical profession that relies more than others on innovation and sharing within its community of professionals.

We thought it would be fun (and useful) to gather together our top 20 picks for the best speech therapy blogs, in three distinct categories….



Mommy Speech Therapy

Utah-based speech therapist Heidi Hanks’ constantly helpful guide to the best and latest techniques, apps, and practical advice.

Motivation, humor, and ideas for school-based speech-language pathologists

Public speaker and speech therapist Erik Raj’s take on issues facing speech therapists, roundups of software and apps, and ideas for innovation.

Child Talk

In the words of this blog’s subtitle: “Everything you wanted to know about your child’s speech and language…from the perspective of a pediatric speech-language therapist.”

Let’s Talk Speech & Language

A truly imaginative selection of programs, apps, cartoons, podcasts and other speech therapy-related resources.

Playing with words 365

Pediatric speech-language pathologist Katie Yeh writes for parents, educators, and fellow speech therapists about issues, ideas, seasonal themes, book reviews and more

Chit Chat and Small Talk

These bits and pieces from the creative imagination of speech pathologist Pam Dahm include reams of picture-driven how-to projects, from “Make your own gnome home” to “Design a domino maze”

Little Stories

A highly thoughtful collection of theories of language development and how those theories work in real life. Includes an attractive, well-organized slate of games, resources, and tips.



Sublime Speech

Under the theme of “Speech therapy with a twist”, Chicago-based early intervention speech pathologist Danielle Reed offers free and paid activities and books with innovative titles and concepts ranging from “I ‘Moustache’ You A Question” to “Articulation Battle Boats”

Activity Tailor

This incredible resource is the brainchild of Kim Lewis, M.Ed, a private practitioner working in schools. Her blog includes easy, creative treatment activities and commentaries.

Speech Therapy Ideas

A veritable command center of games, apps, and worksheets at your disposal through an easy-to-wrap-your-head-around visual navigation.

Speech Lady Liz

A genuinely humorous look at speech therapy and its industry, as well as a delightful library of helpful resources and opinions.

Play On Words

“The award-winning speech therapy site where Play Advances Language” according to this blog’s subtitle.

The Speech Dudes

“The Edgy Side of Speech Pathology; sharp, profane, but never dull” promises the title of this blog. And – for better-or-worse – it delivers.

The Budget SLP

Ideas for doing speech therapy on an absolute shoestring…




This blog is all about the apps, serving as the repository for a half-dozen original programs for your mobile device.

Speech Room News

Ohio-based speech therapist Jenna Rayburn’s groovily-designed, nicely organized rundown of treatment techniques and topics.

In Spontaneous Speech

A bread-and-butter but wonderfully lush guide to teaching students to speak clearly (and effectively.)

Speech Gadget

An impressive collection of dozens of speech therapy apps…

TiPS: Technology in Practice for S-LPs

Everything iPad for Speech and Language Pathologists – an almost-exhaustive list of the best Apple Store apps to help with speech therapy.

Speech Techie

Possibly the only person blogging on the web about speech therapy technology who has both a speech therapy background as well as one in technology/digital media.



Speech therapy with a twist

Reviews of games and apps for speech therapists

More games & apps

Great speech therapy Pinterest postings

Images, infographics, inspiring quotes, collages and more…

Even more speech therapy Pinterest postings

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