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Things You Need to Know About Dating Another Medical Professional

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In the busy life of a medical professional, it can be challenging to find time to meet people and develop relationships. Especially in the earlier years of your career, much of your time is spent with others in the healthcare industry so it is only natural that you may begin dating another medical professional. This can be an ideal situation for some, but there are some things you should know before moving into a dating relationship with another medical professional.

Check Company Policy

If the same company employs you and your romantic interest, you’ll want to research company policy on personal relationships. In some cases, this is completely disallowed and in others, there are limitations that you may not have relationships with people that you report to or work with directly. If you are truly interested in pursuing a relationship, consider asking for a transfer to another department or facility to stay within guidelines.

Find Creative Solutions for Schedule Conflicts

One of the biggest challenges when dating another medical professional is handling the unusual schedules you both may have. On call situations and revolving shift work can take a toll on even the best relationships. You’ll need to come up with innovative ways to overcome these shift differences and find time for dates. Midnight lunch dates and planning activities that are easy to walk away from when someone is called in on an emergency can help you to get a little more time together than if you stick to the traditional dinner and a movie on Saturday night.

Plan Ahead for Quality Time

When you need to plan some time together, it can help synchronized days off or vacation requests. When possible, take proactive steps to build a schedule that gives you the time you need to develop your relationship. Leaving schedules to chance doesn’t always work in your favor and can put a strain on a dating relationship, especially in the earlier days. Making plans ahead of time can help to cut back on the disappointments that are bound to happen when work has to take priority.

Always Be Understanding

Even the best plans sometimes don’t work out. Whether either of you are dealing with scheduling challenges or a stressful patient load, try to be as understanding as you can. Keep in mind that you are both in a similar line of work and easily can be faced with similar issues with schedules and patient situations. Give each other enough empathy to take care of yourselves as well as your relationship.

As in any relationship, there are always issues and conflicts of some sort to overcome. While it’s not always easy to date another medical professional, those who understand the challenges and put in the effort to make things work may find the long-term love of their life. Go into the adventure with an open mind and a little flexibility and you’ll have the best chance at dating success.

Contributor Patrick Dotts

Patrick, who’s grown with Soliant over the past 8 years, was promoted to the managing director of the healthcare division in January of 2018. Before that, Patrick was the division director for Soliant’s nursing and allied health division. Patrick has worked very closely with not only hospitals and other healthcare facilities but also the healthcare professionals that make up their workforce. This experience has given Patrick a unique insight into the ins and outs of the medical field, especially regarding its workforce. Before Soliant, he graduated from Bowling Green University and cherishes his free time with his wife, daughter, and son. Make sure to read more of Patrick’s other blogs on nursing and allied health.