Cerner Jobs

Cerner job opportunities abound for analysts, implementation specialists, database management professionals, trainers and technical writers. Seize your opportunity now by applying to one of our Cerner jobs.

Cerner Duties

Professionals who work with Cerner medical systems must have a deep understanding of its technology and products. Those who are hired by health facilities to employ safer and more efficient health care solutions are expected to perform business, engineering and health care roles in a variety of facility settings. Cerner offers a variety of different positions, but some of the primary goals of a Cerner professional include understanding local health systems, working together to advance long-term health solutions, save patients from life-threatening conditions, work with hospitals to employ proper technical solutions, analyze hospital systems, design and test new products and deploy successful items and products to the hospital market.

Cerner Education Requirements

There are a variety of positions available with Cerner, and the level of education requirements vary per interested position. Generally, a Cerner employer will want professionals who have a degree in business, engineering, or health care systems. Cerner professionals are also required to have a background in the deployment of healthcare products or the development of healthcare systems that have proven to be effective and helpful for patient health. In order to be considered for a position as an analyst or engineer, a higher education degree is required. There are also various national and state certification courses available for those who wish to advance their careers and gain an edge over their competitors on the job market.

Cerner Job Market

Cerner employees can make a healthy salary depending on their career of choice. Cerner professionals can choose to become engineers, architects, health systems analysts, or technicians, all of which have a projected growth in the job market over the years to come. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is an opportune time to pursue a career with Cerner.

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