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We are looking for talented professionals well versed in Epic technology for jobs throughout the country. Available positions include software builders, trainers, coordinators, testers, analysts and project managers. Find your next Epic job now!

The healthcare industry is heavily reliant on software to increase efficiency and augment privacy. One of the most well-known suites of software is Epic. Epic is used by facilities large and small, from multi-hospital health systems to clinics.

Epic Duties

An Epic analyst or specialist will be responsible for discovering, designing, developing and implementing innovative services and technologies to improve patient care. The primary goal of the Epic professional will be to configure, design, test, consult and employ new applications within advanced health systems. Someone in this position will be asked to work with both end users and development staff members to ensure the smooth functionality of new systems and applications. The Epic specialist will also be required to solve complex issues, identify problems and develop solutions in a timely manner in order to meet deadlines. Epic duties analysts will have the proper training necessary to understand how to configure, develop and change systems that best meet the needs of the healthcare facility.

Epic Education Requirements

Becoming Epic certified is not too difficult. Those who wish to pursue a career using Epic systems must prove their competency with a certain Epic module, which will then grant the individual the ability to be hired by separate hospitals or healthcare facilities. If the professional does not work with Epic directly, they can be sponsored by their prospective hospital or clinic in order to become Epic certified. Most Epic analysts or specialists also prefer to pursue a degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field. After going through an Epic implementation, the specialist or Epic professional can obtain the certification needed that would make them eligible for hire.

Epic Job Market

Depending on the certification earned within Epic’s system, the Epic analyst or specialist can earn a wide salary range. The pay can increase based on the individual’s experience and prospective job title. Some Epic systems analysts are paid hourly, with accompanying benefits based on their performance or location. There is a steady projected demand for Epic employees over the next few years, making it a great time to enter the field of rapidly-changing technology.

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