IT Healthcare Executive Jobs

We are currently looking for premier executive IT healthcare professionals to lead the way at facilities across the country. Opportunities include IT director, vice president of IT and chairmen-level positions such as CIO. If you have the vision to lead, look into our exciting executive IT jobs. Apply now!

Technology permeates nearly every aspect of the healthcare industry. It requires tremendous vision to make sure that technology improves the efficiency of organizations while improving the lives of patients at the same time. That’s where IT executives like you come in.

IT Healthcare Executive Duties

An IT healthcare executive is expected to oversee all of the day-to-day tasks and procedures of the health facility’s IT department, as well as manage a group of IT health professionals underneath them. Most of an IT healthcare executive’s duties consist of creating, diagnosing, managing and deploying security systems, analytics, patient engagement networks, remote patient monitoring devices, HER processes, revenue cycle management systems and population health services. In most cases, the top priority of the IT healthcare executive will be to ensure that all systems and networks are secure against outside threats. An IT healthcare executive must have an understanding of health systems, current trends in medical practice, population health and patient communication. While a professional in this position will most often be communicating with other members of their IT team as well as other hospital staff, they may be asked to interact with patients for systems testing purposes.

IT Healthcare Executive Education Requirements

Most IT healthcare executive positions require that the prospective individual hold a degree in health administration or information systems, or a relevant field with enough experience. It is recommended that the individual graduate from a school that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. The professional executive will have to have years of experience in previous positions relating to healthcare IT, health systems management, or hospital networking. Above all, the IT healthcare executive must have strong communication skills, an attention to detail, the ability to lead and inspire team members and a level of maturity high enough to make ethical choices and make logical judgments.

IT Healthcare Executive Job Market

There is a projected job growth in the field of healthcare IT, as evolving technologies are becoming adapted by hospitals, and higher level of security standards are being placed on health facilities around the globe.

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