Surgical Technologist Jobs

Soliant has surgical technologist jobs in a variety of healthcare settings for certified surgical techs, operating room techs and CVOR techs. We also go beyond just operating and emergency rooms but also have positions in ambulatory or outpatient surgical centers.

Some call them “scrub techs” or “operating room techs.” At Soliant, we call them indispensable – and we treat our surgical technologists that way. Just as patients and members of the medical team rely on you, you can rely on us to manage all the details of your career. We can place you in the surgical technologist job you want, in the location you want.

You can count on Soliant to make sure you receive the most rewarding surgical technologist job opportunities in the country. Because our reach extends to all fifty states, we can place you in a dream job just about anywhere. You can stay in your own hometown, relocate across state or move to a community a thousand miles away.

Surgical Technologist Duties

Surgical technologists are an extremely important part of the surgical preparatory process. As a surgical technologist, your primary duties will include preparing the operating room, arranging equipment in order to best assist the surgeons, and understand how to operate the proper technology tools before, during and after the surgical procedure. Surgical technologists are meant to assist surgeons and other medical professionals in operating rooms and other areas of the hospital. By preparing patients, equipment and rooms for surgery, you are providing a major help to both the patients and the medical personnel involved.

Surgical Technologist Education Requirements

In order to become a surgical technologist, you must earn a certificate or an associate’s degree in surgical technology. A proper surgical technologist must also obtain a voluntary certification through the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, as well as a certification from the National Center for Competency Testing. By passing these requirements and obtaining the proper certifications, you can be eligible to be placed in the surgical technologist job market. Due to the level of precision and understanding required of the technology and the operating room’s preparatory procedures, it is necessary for a surgical technician to complete a post-secondary certificate or degree program to become properly certified.

Surgical Technologist Job Market

There is a projected 15% growth in the field of surgical technology between 2014 and 2024, making it an ideal time for individuals to obtain their surgical technology certificates and enter the job market while growth is taking place. With hospital technology and procedures changing rapidly, it is important for surgical technologists to stay up-to-date with the latest advances and obtain all necessary certifications in order to best assist surgeons and other medical personnel in the operating room. Having a properly prepared surgical room is critically important, and the surgical technologist can do their job by handling all of the preparatory work.

With Soliant, you have the opportunity to live in the most exciting urban locations or the coziest of small towns. Search our available surgical tech jobs below to find your next assignment!

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