Why Recruitment Is Important & The Value In Choosing A Recruitment Agency Early

Will your new recruits have the necessary expertise and expectations to provide excellent performance? How can you tell based on just one or two short interviews?

Fortunately, recruitment agencies exist to connect qualified job-seekers to employers like you. With expertise both in your specific industry and in the science of hiring, the right recruiting agencies can make the process of finding new expert members for your team easy and pain-free.

The recruitment agency Soliant, for example, specializes in school, healthcare and medical staffing services. Soliant is known to job-seekers and employers alike as a reliable partner that provides expert guidance and asks the right questions. With the help of an expert recruiter, finding the right candidate-employer match becomes easy.

Read on to learn how recruitment agencies can make your lives easier, and how to identify the best recruitment agency for your company.

What Is A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are organizations that specialize in connecting job seekers with the right employer for them. The best recruitment agencies have industry-specialized staff who know the right questions to ask to ensure that the proper skill and work culture matches are made.

Recruitment agencies communicate with two parties. Their public face is usually designed to attract job seekers and even high school and college students. They may provide information to help students get the best possible education for employment in their field, as well as information for job seekers about different types of contracts, continuing education, licensure, and more.

Because recruitment is all these agencies do, they’re more knowledgeable than the average job seeker on matters of licensure and professional skills. They’re also more knowledgeable than the average employer on matters of how to find a great candidate through interviews, and how to help a great candidate be even better through coaching and education.

Recruitment agencies provide a level of expertise not normally available to employers who spend most of their time doing business instead of hunting for new recruits, or to students and job seekers who may not yet have specialized knowledge of their industry and the current job market.

This makes recruitment agencies a great candidate for both employers who want quick, easy, and reliable recruitment, and for students and job seekers looking to enter the market with the best possible set of job skills.

School Staffing Agency

Specialized agencies also exist to help schools fill open positions. Just like healthcare recruitment agencies, school staffing agencies specialize in both knowledge of in-demand educational techniques and skills, and knowledge of recruitment.

Using a recruitment agency can save a school valuable time and money by ensuring that the recruiter has specialized knowledge of the industry and specialized knowledge of how to find the best candidates.

School staffing agencies aren’t just useful for traditional schools, either. They can be used to help fill educational roles by tutoring agencies, summer camps, and more.

School staffing agencies can help to fill roles like:

  • School nurses
  • Special education teachers
  • School sign language interpreters
  • School psychologists & counselors
  • School audiologists & speech-language pathologists
  • Teachers qualified in working with students with disabilities

If you’re involved in hiring for a school, keep in mind that it’s best to start finding staff for next year at the end of the current school year.

Waiting until the last minute can result in some positions going unfilled – and can cause serious problems for students, parents, and current teachers as a result.

Healthcare Recruitment Agencies

Healthcare recruitment agencies specialize in recruiting employees like nurses, respiratory therapists, and speech-language pathologists for hospitals, clinics, resorts, and more.

Any setting that requires healthcare staff can benefit from working with a healthcare recruitment agency.

Whether you’re looking for permanent employees who will be with you for the long run, or temporary employees for 1-6 month contracts, healthcare recruitment agencies have a pool of nurses and other qualified specialists on standby. These recruitment agencies can even help with recruiting specialists to have remote teletherapy appointments with your patients.

Healthcare recruitment agencies can help fill job roles like:

  1. Nurses for permanent or temporary contracts
  2. Pharmacists for permanent or temporary contracts
  3. Physical therapists for permanent or temporary contracts
  4. Respiratory therapists for permanent or temporary contracts

And more!

If you’re an employer in the field of healthcare or medicine, you may wish to contact a healthcare recruitment agency like Soliant today to learn more about how a recruitment agency can help you find the best nurses, specialized therapists and technicians, and more for your healthcare business.

Why Recruitment Is Important

Your organization is only as good as its people. That’s a fundamental rule of all businesses and nonprofits. Some of us get lucky and hire great people with ease at first – but many employers have been unpleasantly surprised to find that their new recruits are not a good fit for their organizational culture, or for the skills or demands of the position.

We all know the costs that can come with those kinds of unpleasant surprises. A recruit who doesn’t work out can mean thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of training, lost. Worse, it can even lead to bad customer experiences if your recruit has trouble meeting expectations.

Recruiting people isn’t your primary business. You need to use your time for what’s most important: providing the best service possible to your customers.

Learning where to find the best recruits and how to spot red flags in the interview process may not be worth your time when recruiting is only a tiny percentage of what you do. For most employers, finding new hires simply isn’t at the top of their daily list of concerns.

Recruitment agencies are different. For them, recruiting is the business. They may work with dozens or hundreds of businesses at a time, solely on the task of finding the best new recruits for that company. It’s their business to keep up on the most in-demand skills and certifications, as well as the work culture expectations of recruits and employers alike.

The use of recruitment agencies cuts down on the uncertainty involved in hiring a new member of your team. By bringing in a full-time recruiter, you have an expert who knows what to look for in the best candidate for you.

Your team is all you have – so you want to bring the best expertise possible to the plate when it’s time for your team to grow.

How To Pick A Recruitment Agency

When shopping for a recruitment agency, you may see a huge variety of options out there.

Just like when shopping for any contractor or business partner, it’s important to look for a few things into ensure you’ll have a great experience:

  • A great track record. Look for a recruitment agency that’s been around for at least a decade. More experienced recruitment agencies have had time to develop real expertise, and have proven that they reliably provide great service.
  • Specialization for your industry. Recruitment agencies which specialize in the industry or job titles you’re looking for have invaluable experience. They know the right questions to ask about current industry market trends, licensures, in-demand skills, and more.
  • Has experience with your type of institution. The demands of a large urban hospital may be very different from those of a rural hospital, a private clinic, or a resort or camp that needs temporary on-site medical staff. By working with a recruiter who’s worked with organizations like yours, you’ll help increase the odds that they have the last essential skill a great recruiter must have. Every great recruiter must…
  • Ask the right questions. A great recruiter will tell you that one interview red flag is a candidate who doesn’t ask any questions. If they really know their stuff, they’ll have specific questions about how your business operates, what skills and techniques you need, etc.. The same holds true for recruitment agencies. Look for agencies that ask you for more details about your organization and the team role you’re trying to fill. Ask them what sorts of questions they would ask recruits when interviewing them. A recruiter with lots of questions at the ready shows experience and knowledge of your field.

The Value in Choosing a Recruitment Agency Early

Timeliness is crucial to smooth workflow in any business. Staff shortages and lack of available expertise can have serious consequences for patients, students, and the employers who serve them.

Doing an important job right takes time, so it’s wise to plan a few months ahead of the curve when it comes to hiring a recruitment agency.

Do you really, really need a great candidate for those job openings on September 1st? It might be best to start working with a recruiter in May or June.

Do you need to be really, really sure you have enough nurses on hand at all times? It might be a good idea to establish a relationship with a recruitment agency now.

We all know that great customer services is the lifeblood of any organization. Ensure you can provide that by making sure you won’t be understaffed at a crucial time, and that your recruitment agency will have plenty of time to vet the best candidates for you.

Benefits of Using Employment Agencies

If you run an organization, you know how valuable time, money, and most of all staff are to your operation. Your team is all you’ve got, and the better you steward your time and money, the better you can make the choices that will help your organization grow.

That’s why recruitment agencies exist. Organizations that work with employment agencies experience benefits like:

  • Saving time. With less of your team’s time dedicated to filling new positions, your team can focus on what they do best. Your operations can continue uninterrupted, knowing that an expert is working on finding your next team member.
  • Keeping focus. We’ve probably all been in that meeting where an urgent topic needs to be addressed – but first, we have to talk about finding a new hire! With a recruitment agency, you can make that a one-line agenda item and get back to more pressing business.
  • Gaining expertise. If you’re like most business owners and organizers, you didn’t spend years learning to read resumes and interview candidates. But if you work with an established and specialized recruitment agency, you’re working with someone who has.
  • Lowering risk. Big problems can arise from attracting or hiring the wrong recruits. Every member of your team is a huge investment – and new team members are a big gamble. By working with a recruitment agency, you’re letting an experienced expert handle this investment for you. The experience of recruiters can decrease the risk of a bad fit.

To learn more about recruitment agencies and how they work, try shopping around the website of recruitment agency Soliant. You’ll see their public job postings, and the educational advice they share with their job-seekers who are looking to be the best candidates they can be.

Soliant specializes in school, healthcare and medical staffing services. To get the best recruits for your business, find a recruiter that specializes in your industry. A specialized recruiter is more likely to know the right questions to ask you and the candidates for your position.

If you have questions about how recruitment agencies work, you can contact Soliant to learn more about their industry!

No matter who you determine is the right recruiter match for you, we want the best for your business. So we hope you’ll keep in mind the advantages of working with a recruiter – and find the best one for you soon!

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